Age Spots – Out Darned Spot

Because they are mostly determined by genetics and lifestyle choices made years ago, age spots can be tricky to get MFC_Out-Darned-Spotrid of. The discolorations are often the result of many years worth of sun exposure, poor diet, or a family history – all of which can’t be remedied in just a few weeks without serious intervention like laser therapies or restrictive diets.

For this reason, the solution for age spots has been to diminish the appearance of the spots by either fading the pigmentation of the spot. Up to this point, the compound of choice for accomplishing this has been hydroquinone. This bleaching agent effectively lightens skin – but almost always comes with an increase in skin sensitivity, reactions to sunlight or UV exposure, and can be linked to cancer with excessive non-physician-monitored use.

Thankfully, nature has a safer solution – Kojic Acid. A natural by-product of rice fermentation (as happens when making sake or rice wine vinegar) and also found in certain mushroom extracts, kojic acid has shown itself to be effective in inhibiting melanin production. This is notable for those with age spots as kojic acid can both prevent future spots and resolve existing ones. As well, the compound has significant antioxidant properties, which helps skin and other organs fight various external factors that cause aging. A number of over-the-counter cosmetic products contain kojic acid, including TimelessReviva and Cosmetic Skin Solutions, to name a few. Follow directions for use and results should be evident in about two to four weeks.

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