Is Chemical Estrogen Killing Your Testosterone?

Is Chemical Estrogen Killing Your TestosteroneYou may be aware of the fact that your own personal production of testosterone can have a huge impact on the amount of muscle you can build. Research shows that the daily production of testosterone is decreasing every day after the age of 40 but there are many other reasons why your testosterone could be less than you think. If you are not sure then it is very simple to have your testosterone levels checked which is done via a blood test. The average male should produce around 6mg of natural testosterone every day and that is generally accepted as the norm.

The problem is that any exposure that you might be getting to chemical estrogen or environmental estrogen could be affecting this daily testosterone production and the worst part is that it seems that chemical estrogen is everywhere. Now we’re not talking about the healthy estrogen that is vital for female health and also found in males. We are talking about the synthetic chemicals that mimic estrogen that are a by-product of man made manufactured goods and pharmaceuticals.

The first step to avoid exposure is to try and get away from eating any processed foods which usually have a long list of the additives that can directly affect your testosterone production so you should always try to eat organic foods if possible. The next is to avoid plastic containers that have BPA for both food and water bottles. BPA has shown to have high levels of chemical estrogen and can in turn lower your own testosterone production. You should not heat food or liquid in a plastic container in the microwave as the BPA leaches on to the food as the heat is applied.

Limonene which is the chemical produced in citrus peels is a common ingredient in natural supplements and can help detoxify your liver and any estrogen chemical residue that may still be there. Taking Curcumin also helps to detoxify the liver and it is found in the spice Tumeric and has also been directly linked to reducing the estrogen induced growth of cancer cells.

The last point is so called ‘natural’ products which you need to be careful of and if you see listed on the ingredients any DBP, DEP, DEHP, BzBP or DMP on any of your shampoos or ‘natural’ cleaning products then don’t touch them. They could be leaking chemical estrogen into your system very easily..

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