Drop THESE Carbs. Drop the Weight.

We all love our carbs, don’t we? They taste good. They help us feel satiated. And they give us a blood-sugar rush that reinforces a positive experience in our brains telling us to repeat the experience and eat more carbs. The problem is, we, as Americans, have grown so fond of carbs that we’re willing to take them in highly processed forms or we ignore healthy portion sizes… and this is where they lead to excessive weight gain. That doesn’t mean you have to give up carbs altogether… just make some smart substitutions.

Love pasta? Even whole-wheat noodles pack a serious calorie punch. Instead, try asian noodles like rice noodles or shirataki noodles (created with an asian yam or tofu).

Can’t resist mashed potatoes? You don’t have to switch to mashed cauliflower (even though it is an excellent alternative). You can keep potatoes in your diet if you switch to the purple varieties (Purple Peruvian, Blue, Congo, Vitilette, Viking and Majesty to name a few). These unique spuds carry modestly fewer calories, which is a small-but-important difference. More impressively, however, these potatoes are rich in the flavonoid, anthocyanin, which is known to boost immune function, fight cancer and prevent aging.

Rice and grains more your speed? Switch to barley once or twice a week. It has more than twice the fiber of rice or corn and a much lower glycemic index, which means that every calorie is put to better, more complete use.

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