Five Ways to Get More Sex Now

Five Ways to Get More Sex NowFor women sex isn’t as essential to life as men. Sure, they enjoy it and want it as fair amount of the time, but for men sex seems to be on the brain constantly. Finding a middle ground between what you want and what she wants can be hard at times when really all you want is tumble in the sheets… so how do you get her in the mood when her body and mind just don’t want to go that way as often as you? Simply put, you have to get a little irresistible. Follow these 5 tips and you will be well on your way to get more sex now.

1. Excite Her Body – We’re not talking about straight up foreplay, but rather more subtle ways to excite her body with touch. From sliding your fingers down her arm when you pass her to wrapping your arms around her waist while standing behind her, use subtle touches to get her body excited long before your try to get her mind excited about sex. One sure fire way to send a few shivers down her back is by sweeping the hair off her neck and kissing her along the curve of her neck up to the spot behind her ear.

2. Play the Rom-Com Ace in the Hole – How many times have you watched a romantic comedy with your girlfriend or wife and seen that signature move of a man wrapping a jacket around a woman’s shoulders when she’s cold and holding her close as you kiss her temple? Probably quite a few… why, because it is a tried and true way to get women to swoon in a second flat. Instead of appealing to her body, appeal to the romantic in her and use this move to get her in the mood to reenact a few favorite love scenes in real life.

3. Whisper in Her Ear – There is something about whispering in a woman’s ear that gets them excited and shivery if you do it right. Using a soft, husky voice while standing behind her, whisper sweet nothings in her ear about how beautiful she looks, how much you love her, how much you want to make love to her, etc. You’ll be surprised at how quickly she will be ready to jump your bones and have some fun under the sheets.

4. Wake Her Up in Style – One way to get a woman ready for sex right away is to the tried and true wakeup call that flips her circuit breaker very quickly… oral sex. Head down under and tease her awake with your mouth and fingers. Doing so will allow her body to get up to speed with your and keeping her in that hazy, feel good mood that she awoke in as your pleasured her body so that you can move on to the main event.

5. Be a Little Rough with Her – Not every woman wants to be treated like a wilting flower, having you treat her softly and gently every time you have sex. Sometimes women want a man to be a bit rough and “take” what he wants. From a teasing bite on her neck to throwing her over your shoulder like a caveman and carrying her to the bed, showing just the perfect amount of roughness can help to excite her mind and body, and get you the sex that you’ve been dreaming of for a while.

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