Lifting Techniques to Get Big Arms Fast

How to Get Big Arms FastIt's no secret that most guys want to make sure their guns are looking strong and pumped. They are one of the most visible body parts and chicks love to hang onto a bulging set of biceps. But most importantly, if your arms are growing, you will be getting stronger.

There is no ‘one-trick-suits-all’ with building big arms, but you can incorporate some basic yet effective methods into your regime that others have had great success with. With trial and error, you can work out which ones will benefit you the most.

Pre- exhaust your arms- re-ignite your growth
Your biceps and triceps are involved in every upper body exercise, biceps are used for pulling and your triceps are used for pushing. Chest and back day will incorporate your arms in the majority of exercises and by the end of the workout, they will be exhausted from the work out you have put them through.

So you can aim to hit biceps at the end of your back workout or triceps at the end of your chest workout to fully annihilate the muscle fibers. Doing 2 exercises of 3 sets x 10 reps on bis or tris at the end of a chest/ back workout with a heavyweight it should be very difficult.

One should make the most of this fatigued muscle state to force new hypertrophy, this is especially good for hard gainers! After a strenuous workout you will need to make sure your recovery is aided with quality protein and carbs, without proper recovery you will not grow.

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