“Healthy” Foods You Should Not Be Eating

“Healthy” Foods You Should Not Be EatingThe art of losing fat is all about food selection as well as food preparation in order to get your body into the fat burning mode permanently. As they say in the fitness industry ‘You cannot exercise or train your way out of bad nutrition.”

Learn to be selective and learn about what foods you should not be eating

Food Selection

Probably the most important part of developing this awareness of correct food selection is the learning curve that you need to get started on in order to lose fat fast. The first food or drink that you need to be aware of is Orange juice which because it has no fiber in it is just sugar water which raises your blood sugar levels.

The higher your blood sugar levels get the more fat you will store which is what causes diabetes, said to be the fastest growing disease on the planet. It is all attributed to those so called ‘comfort foods’ which we seem to always reach for when we are stressed because of the elevated cortisol levels.

Genetically Modified Soy (GM)

Another type of food that you should never eat is Soy which is usually genetically modified (GM) as research shows that over 90% of all Soy found in the USA has been genetically modified and over processed which means all the natural goodness and nutrients have been taken out.

Recently a study was released showing a direct link between GM foods and obesity which is something that comes from eating ‘empty calories’. If you want to get your body into a well-established fat burning mode you need to make sure that you are eating correctly by choosing the correct foods.

Hydrogenated Corn Syrup

Most of the corn that can be found in the USA is also GM food that has no nutrition in it and can be classified as empty calories. The same can be said for breads and pastas which are also going to just spike your sugar levels and make your body store any excess calories that you are eating as fat.


Margarine is probably one of the most misinformed products that we use on a daily basis. It has useless calories but also the worst kind of fat in it which are trans fats. You need to switch to real butter which has saturated fat in it that your body is easily able to burn when it needs energy.

In conclusion the only way that you are going to get your body into that fat burning mode is to start selecting your foods that you eat correctly. You also need to make sure that your ‘fat burning’ is always on which means keeping your metabolism always going which is done by eating more often during your day.

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