Nose Hair – The Nose Knows

On a recent sitcom, one character quipped that another didn’t trim his nose hair because he was short and didn’t MFC_Nose-Hair-The-Nose-Knowsthink people could see up there. While most of us got a good laugh out of that moment, a few of us should have taken it as a wake-up call. Long or excessive nose hair can make an otherwise-polished appearance look lazy and sloppy. Think of it like missing a spot while shaving. It just doesn’t come across well.

Look dead-straight into a mirror. You’ll know you’re at the right angle if you can see the tip of your nose, but not the actual nostrils. If you see hairs, they should be cut or trimmed. A good pair of mustache scissors appropriate for a few strays. A lot of growth is usually better suited for a nose-hair trimmer. Scissors should be sharp, with sufficiently blunted ends to prevent accidental and painful poking. They should also be sharp down the entire length of the blades; not just at the tips. For trimmers, look for rotary cutting motion, preferably with light suction to draw the clippings out neatly. Although most men prefer the simplicity of a trimmer, feel free to choose what feels most comfortable and natural to you.

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