Reasons why Extreme Confidence Breeds Success

Reasons why Extreme Confidence Breeds SuccessLet’s face it, in life, no matter what  it is that we do, many of us will probably have one goal in mind, and that is to be as successful as we can possibly be. It doesn’t matter whether it’s in your job, in your career, as part of your own business, or in hobbies, pastimes, and activities such as sports and athletic events, one thing’s for certain and that is that extreme confidence can, and does, breed success which will then carry over into various other parts of your lives as well. Think about fantastic athletes such as Mohammed Ali for example. When you saw Ali in the spotlight, was he renowned for his shy, quiet, and introverted demeanour? No, he most certainly wasn’t. He was confident, almost borderline arrogant in fact, he had extreme confidence in his abilities, and boy did he let people know. There’s a reason why confident people tend to be more successful, in fact there are several reasons.

You believe in yourself – One of the main reasons why confident people tend to be more successful is because they believe in themselves and as a result they don’t hold back. Take athletes, soccer players for example. If a player hasn’t scored a goal in a long time, or if he’s missed a succession of chances that he should really have buried in the back of the net, his confidence takes a real knock and he finds himself hesitating in front of goal which leads to even more mistakes. If a player has scored a series of great goals and is just playing great soccer, his confidence will be sky high, which makes him an even better player. If you believe in yourself, almost anything within reason is possible.

Others also believe in you – If somebody were to ask you whether you could do something, a job perhaps, and you respond with an “erm, I don’t know” or something similar, do you think that person would then have faith in your abilities or do you think they would rather look for somebody else? Your lack of confidence in yourself gives the impression that you can’t do what you’re trying to do and what people would like you to do, and as a result they will look elsewhere. If somebody asks you to do a job and you look them dead in the eyes, smile, and respond with a “sure thing, no problem in the slightest” they’ll believe in you and have faith and trust in you, which will only make you better still.

You never second guess yourself – If you are playing a certain sport, or if you are doing a job and you find yourself second guessing yourself, you will be much more likely to make mistakes. There is such a thing as over thinking, and if you find yourself stopping to think whether you can actually do something, by the time you’ve finished your train of thought, it could already be too late, or you could have made a mistake. If you’re confident and sure of your abilities, things almost become like a second nature to you because you’re sure that you won’t make mistakes and that you know what you’re doing.

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