Sex Therapy – Not Just a Physical Thing

With all the focus in the media today about pharmaceutical drugs and herbal supplements to enhance your sex life, it can be easy to forget that the brain is one of the most powerful erogenous zones of the entire body. Engaging the mind in sexual thinking and sex therapy is the all-important first step in a healthy sex life.

Yes, in some people, conditions like erectile dysfunction, lack of arousal/low libido, and inability to climax can be physical ailments. However, the number of people who actually suffer from physiological problems is small compared to the number of people who simply “believe” they have these problems. If you are an otherwise healthy individual, without any injuries to your nervous or vascular systems, your challenge may be all in your head.

It may seem difficult to understand how your brain could get in the way when sex is something you want… but it happens. Lack of sex drive and/or inability to perform sexually can often be associated with a mental condition such as bipolar disorder, extreme stress, depression, or an anxiety disorder. Seeking treatment for these conditions can help alleviate sexual side effects, although it is important to understand that certain medications can make sexual dysfunction worse.  Treatment choices include sex therapy with a psychiatrist or psychologist, with the option of also seeing a therapist experienced in sexual relationships to work through any mental blocks impeding on your ability to enjoy the love and intimacy of your partner.

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