How many pounds are you trying to shed? 30, 50, or more? Well the first step towards your exciting weight loss journey starts here at the weigh in. You will need to see where you are to get a good idea of where you will be going. Now keep in mind that there is no need to fudge the numbers the more honest you are with the scale the better your results will be. After you enter your information, the calculator estimates how many calories you need to achieve your goal and if your goal fits into a healthy range. Don’t worry if your goal comes back as too aggressive the calculator will readjust your goal parameters to bring you within a healthy range.

How to Use:

1) Enter your current age, gender, height, weight, activity level as well as your weight loss goal and the amount of time you wish to achieve your goal, and the amount of calories you are ready to reduce.
2) Click “Calculate.”

3) The Weight Loss Table gives you a floor plan of how to achieve your weight loss goal and if your goal is in the healthy range for recommended completion.

Note: This calculator does not recommend a diet below 1500 calories a day for men.