Micro Workouts Exercises Routines

Effective Micro Workouts

Micro workouts today have become somewhat of a seemingly popular novelty as a vast number of fitness and health professionals today are constantly encouraging more and more people to get involved in this type of workout. The micro workouts exercises is frequently seen as an ideal and preferred option for the busy individual who is […]

Best Back Exercises to Improve Muscle and Strength

Back Exercises - Pull Ups

Have you been slacking on your back exercises We understand if you have. It is fairly easy to let the importance exercises to strengthen back muscles slide. This is especially true as your back is not the first thing that people notice. It is not something that you display to the world around you the […]

Best Shoulder Workout Exercise Training Routine

Shoulder workouts for supersized shoulders

If you want to focus on a shoulder workout, you should know about what the advanced training principles are. You have a specific goal, you need to determine a routine for more optimal results. When it comes to accomplishing your fitness goal, everything matters, from the choice of the exercise to the sets and reps […]

How aerobic rhythmic exercises work for you

aerobic exercises playing badminton

Aerobic rhythmic exercises are an excellent option to start your workout. At times the complexity and monotony of everyday workouts can lead us to the path of discouragement. The aerobic exercises come across as dynamic and exciting options to experiment with on those days that you’re dragging and need a little boost. After all, working […]

Best Exercise Video to Suit your Goals

youtube exercise videos for fitness

With a single click on Instagram and Youtube, you certainly have access to each and every exercise video these days. All of these fitness channels and fitness influencers have a hold to the best tips for the perfect body. So, if you don’t feel like renewing your gym-membership and want to take your home workout […]

Lose Belly Fat With These Practical Exercises

Lose Belly Fat With These Practical Exercises

The opening move when you decide to improve on your appearance should be to lose belly fat. Once the belly flab settles, it becomes a tedious task to get rid of this stubborn fat. Not only does it ruin a man’s perfect look but takes a toll even on your health. A flat belly indicates […]

Double Chin: Most Effective Exercises to Get Rid of it

Exercises to Get Rid of a Double Chin

The role of fatty meat under a person’s chin is known as a double chin and is generally associated with weight gain. However, having a double chin doesn’t necessarily mean you’re overweight.  Genetics and looser skin as you age can also determine if a submental fat layer will take form. however if your trying to […]

Best Bodyweight Exercises To Build Muscle for Men

Top 10 Best Bodyweight Exercises for Men

For years bodyweight exercises have been used as simple yet effective method of training perfumed just about anywhere for men to improve their balance, flexibility muscle build and strength without the use of any exercise machines. these are the top 10 best bodyweight exercises for men to use to build strong muscle The top 10 […]

Flat Abs Exercises to Give you that flat Stomach

Moves to Give you Flat Abs

Moves to give you flat abs, The key to achieving a flat abs lies in strength training. This is primarily due to the fact that you needs to train your abs much more than the typical sit-ups and crunches to attain those solid six pack abs and flat stomach. One needs to emphasize their focus […]

How to Improve Strength Training Exercises

Tips to Improve your Strength Training this Year

If you are looking to improve your training Here are some tips to improve strength training it’s important to understand that it is a continuous process that takes time and dedication. Fitness enthusiasts and professional bodybuilders worldwide are constantly setting goals to improve the toned muscles and physique by finding adding new routines to improve […]

Best Hybrid Training Exercises for Muscle Growth

The Best Hybrid Training Exercises for Muscle Growth

The key to hybrid training is based on the workout to actively combine several movements into one single repetition during the workout. One fitting example of hybrid training exercises for muscle growth is known as the Olympic clean and jerk exercise which combines, the deadlift, the upright row, the reverse curl, the front squat, and […]

Most Dangerous Exercises you Should Avoid

Most Dangerous Exercises you Should Avoid

Most exercises are generally designed to be effective, good and most of all safe. The fact that we should all at some point include some levels of exercise within our weekly schedule if we intend to remain healthy individuals is a frightening thought that we might actually be exposing ourselves to possible harm with some […]

Callisthenic Exercises Training Plan

Get Moving with Calisthenic Exercise

Even the most avid gym goer might not be able to afford the subscription to the local gym, or is required to travel excessively due to the nature of their job occasionally. Forcing them to train without the benefits of accessible weights. If you find your self in that category you should consider callisthenic exercises. […]

Sports Injury Exercises To Help You Heal

Treating Sports Injuries

Trick knees, bum ankle, old sports injuries from your football days that act up from time to time heir’s how treating sports injuries with exercises can help for body parts that were neglected at one time or another. The older we get, the more obvious that neglect becomes. Sports injury exercises to get you back […]

Powerlifting Routines For Over 40s

Can you Still Powerlift in your 40s

As athletes get older, it is wise to appreciate the fact that your body is not as efficient as it was in your twenties or thirties but this does not mean one has to simply give up and stop powerlifting in your 40s. There are many power lifters, bodybuilders and strongmen who still compete in […]

Late Night Exercise Good or Bad – What to Know

Late Night Exercise vs. Early Morning

Most people considering to take up a training routine will often wonder when is the best time to exercise. Is it early morning or late night exercise that works best for you? If that sounds like your predicament and you need a bit of insight as to when you should perform your workout to gain […]

Best Ab Exercise Machine For Male

Ab Exercise Equipment that Really Works

Most fitness beginners when opting to purchase their very first piece of exercise equipment are often looking for that perfect ab exercise machine to help them sculpt those six-pack abs. Sadly the fitness industry today is renown for a vast number of companies advertising a wide range of exercise machines all filled with the promises […]

The 4 Most Overrated Exercises Out There

Most Overrated Exercises

Are you one of those dedicated fitness enthusiasts spending huge amounts of time at the gym, and still not seeing the results that you should? Well if you’re one of those individuals then your failure could be the result of several reasons. First you’re probably not working at your full potential, second, the exercise machine […]

How To Do V Sit Ups For Beginners Perfect Abs Exercise

The V Sit-up Workout

Men who are hard gainers will often find that although they exercise regularly they are still unable to reduce their excess stomach fat even though they practice the v sit up exercise workout. This difficulty in fat loss around these areas are primarily due to the fact that fat existing around the stomach areas is […]

spring workout plan The Ultimate Exercise Guide

Spring Workout Guide

The season of Spring has traditionally been observed to produce its very own and unique effect urging people into a fitness frenzy to get in shape. Maintaining a Spring Workout exercise is a fun and easy way to get outdoors and Spring Workout plan in the wonderfully warm weather to build muscle, improve performance and […]

Resistance Training Exercises For Beginners

Ways to Combine Metabolic Training with Resistance Training

One of the great mysteries in the fitness industry is whether the person training should focus on cardiovascular training, resistance workout exercises, or weight training in their quest for weight loss and muscle build. Top tips on how to use Resistance Training in combination with other methods. Ways combine metabolic training and resistance training While […]

Best Obliques Workout Exercise Routine

Exercises to Blast Your Obliques

Often referred to as the cuddly muffin top, fatty mall hangovers or those outstanding love handles, these belly fat areas often seen bulging over the waistband are never a pleasant sight to the aspiring bodybuilder or fitness enthusiast. So what is the best obliques workout exercise to get rid of those love handles. take a […]

4 Full Body Exercise Workouts that Torch Fat

Workouts that Torch Fat

The typical health physician will often recommend that their patients involve themselves in some form of activity consisting of at least 30 to 45 minutes of moderate to intense exercise to torch fat and improve their cardiovascular function and health. Individuals who have been known to perform an exercise workout two to three times on […]

6 Ways Exercise Make you Smarter Than You Think

Can Exercise Make you Smarter

For years scientific researchers have tried to determine a link between cardiovascular diseases and factors associated with physical and emotional values in human beings. Many health professionals however have been able to identify a distinctive relationship between the mental ability of a person and exercising so does exercise make you smarter. Here is a little […]

What is Plyometrics Exercises What you need to know

Plyometrics Exercises You can Incorporate into Your Workout

Jump training or otherwise known as Plyometrics exercises is a specific training technique used by fitness enthusiasts designed to increase muscle mass, and overall strength. This technique initially developed for athletes training for Olympic events has found it’s way into the basic workout routines as the best plyometric exercises and is currently used by people […]

Best Cross Training Exercises To Improve Your Fitness

Best Cross Training Exercises

Most fitness experts will testify to the fact that during their strength training workouts by including the use of cross training exercises have been a vital aspect of their workout routine which has helped prevent events of muscle damage, imbalances and has delivered them from the usual boredom which can often be experience with the […]

Fitness routines How To Stay Committed

Fitness routines - Change Quicker Than You Think

Back to my fitness routines and Oh… those first few days back at the gym. Is there anything more challenging? Rest assured the internal struggle between what you know is right and what you want to do is perfectly normal when beginning any new workout routine. Getting Started with your New Fitness Routine Fitness routines […]

How Meditation Techniques can Improve Your Fitness

How Meditation Techniques can Improve Your Level of Fitness

Taking a traditionally Eastern approach to health and fitness techniques is rapidly becoming a popular novelty within Western countries during the last few years. One of these specific practices includes the use of meditation techniques to cultivate and increase energy levels within the body. One of these techniques used is a Chinese meditation known as […]

Power Lifters vs. Bodybuilders – what’s the difference?

Power Lifters vs. Bodybuilders

Many people don’t understand the vast differences of power lifters vs. bodybuilders. For starters, bodybuilding is generally observed as a round the clock workout routine used by professional bodybuilders and trainers to effectively utilize strength and cardiovascular fitness training to achieve muscular mass and tone. Maintaining a strict diet is a critical component observed more […]

How To Build Pec Muscles With These Tips

Training Exercises to Increase Your Pec Muscles

Looking to build pec muscles? The pectoral muscle group are observed to be large set of muscles which require the use of both upper and lower chest exercises to enhance their overall mass and strength. Most fitness trainers located at quite a few of the local gyms will generally dedicate at least one day during […]

Tabata Training High Intensity What is it?

What is Tabata Training

It is a known fact that cardiovascular exercise are specifically designed and implemented into workout routines to stimulate loss of fatty tissue, improve a person’s endurance and burn calories. Such exercises have included skipping, distance running, power walking or even cycling. These set of exercise workouts are categorically referred to as moderate intense training as […]

How to Get Rid of Side Stitches During Your Cardio

How to Prevent Side Stitches During Your Cardio Workout

Most people after and even during a hard run or cardiovascular workout are often plagued with an unbearable side stitches or stomach cramp. Working out with a stomach cramp or side stitches is one of the most unpleasant experiences a person could ever experience so how do you get rid of side stitches. However there […]

Seattle Washington For a Summer Fit Vacation

If your new year’s resolution was to travel more this year we recommend starting right here in the USA. Summer fit vacation Seattle Washington To put you in the best locations for each season we have our Four Corners for Four Seasons tour that we continue on Seattle, Washington. Summer fit vacation Seattle Washington Vacations […]

How to Start a Fitness Routine and Stick with It

how to start a fitness routine

You know that exercising regularly will improve your quality of life and decrease your risk for health problems. But, even with the research in front of you, it’s tough to start a fitness routine. The numerous benefits of working out don’t change the fact that finding the time (and, more importantly, the motivation) to exercise […]

How To Overhead Press: Complete Upper Body Strength

Overhead Military Press

How to overhead press for complete upper body strength. The Overhead press until 1972 was actively recognized as one of the main activities in Weightlifting competitions. Professional bodybuilders and weightlifters were seen competitively arching their backs to press heavier weights overhead. This tendency made scoring of athletes a difficult task for the presiding judges which […]

Top Skinny Guy Workout Guide to Gain Muscle

Skinny Guy Workout Kettlebell

While talking about muscle gain, training, and weight gain, the question about the best skinny guy workout for muscle gain always comes up. However, ectomorphs or hard-gainers, in general, have a tendency to overtrain, not allow adequate recovery time, and not eat enough for the perfect body. This can be an endless source of frustration […]

Top Fat Loss Workouts For Men Routine

Top Fat Loss Workouts For Men Routine

If you are searching for the best fat loss workouts for men, welcome aboard We have some exercises for fat loss solutions for you which are not as intimidating and are comparatively achievable compared to some of the crazy hard-core exercises out there. We believe that it is best when you start slow and build […]

Fitness Trackers: The Top Picks For Men To Choose From

Best Fitness Trackers for Men

Men have found another wearable for their wrist after smartwatches which is the fitness trackers. You can consider them as a reasonable alternative to the smartwatches. It is nothing but a device that provides you with various uses. You generally use it to track and monitor your sleep, heart rate and the steps you take […]

The Best Knee Pads for CrossFit and Weightlifting

What Makes the Best Knee Pads for CrossFit and Weightlifting

When practicing CrossFit or weightlifting, most of the time the weight that rises falls on our poor knees. There are moments of maximum effort in which when we do not have adequate protection it is very likely that in the long run, we are prone to suffer some injury while executing our routines. Of course, […]

Best Crossfit Workout Training Shoes For Men

Crossfit shoes for the workout

When it comes to the CrossFit Workout, proper CrossFit shoes matter! With that said we have compiled our top picks of Crossfit shoes for you to make it through that tough workout. All of these shoes on our list, are a perfect fit and let you smoothly glide through various exercises targeting different body areas. […]

Top 10 hottest female fitness models

A fitness model working out.

Female fitness models are undoubtedly an inspiration for many. Suppose, you are scrolling through your posts, won’t you stop staring at a fit model? Their posts and daily workout regimes are further taking the internet by storm. In fact, their perfectly sculpted figure along with a fit body make heads turn everywhere they go. Of […]

What Supplements Should Be Taken on a Daily Basis?

What Supplements Should I Take on a Daily Basis

Ever caught yourself wondering, what supplements should I take? The use of supplements varies highly on the kind of diet you follow. Also, it depends on the amount and duration of your exercise routine.  Even with a perfect diet, your body usually has some nutrient deficiencies. That is where supplements can help provide you with the […]

Sleepless Nights: How to Overcome Them

Top Causes of Sleepless Nights and How to Overcome Them

Sleepless nights can be one of the most frustrating things you can have as an adult. Imagine slogging through the day at work. Then you come home beat and tired, only to stare at the ceiling trying to manifest sleep. Even a day of disturbed or no sleep can leave you strained and grumpy for the entire […]

High Calorie Fat Burning Workouts interval training

High Calorie Fat Burning Workouts

Looking for new fat burning workouts to shed pounds while still building muscle? Some of the most effective means of fast calorie burning is with high impact cardiovascular workout. This method is similar to traditional cross-training routines which often burning an excess of five hundred calories in as short a time as thirty minutes. Many of […]

Fitness Motivation How to Motivate Yourself

Mens Fitness Motivation to Get You Ready for your Workout

Men’s fitness motivation get ready to workout. There’s one tool that most forget to utilize – fitness motivation. Sure, dedication, good habits, and willpower are crucial. But, knowing how to motivate yourself on an ongoing basis is just as important. We can (and should) establish a productive routine for the day. But, as you’ve probably […]

Can Polarized Training Improve Your Performance

Can Polarized Training Improve Performance

Can polarized training improve performance? The goal of any successful workout is to surpass the highest level of adaptation of the polarized training routine without subjecting the used to any forms of fatigue. Unlike the average beginner to moderately trained exerciser. The professional athlete requires a high performance routine to lose more weight, burn calories […]

Is CrossFit Good for You or is it Overkill?

CrossFit Training Effective or Overkill

You may have heard of Crossfit the latest fitness trend taking the nation by storm. Crossfit is a workout club that offers workout sessions based on strength and conditioning principles used by police academies, tactical operations teams, military, martial artists, Olympic weight lifting, and hundreds of other elite training exercises. Sounds intense huh? Well, they have designed […]

Weight Training Workouts Principles Best Super Speed

Super Speed Weight Training Principles

Super speed weight training is high impact training routine designed to effectively utilize the technique of improving the cardiovascular body function through the weight training workout. The workout can be easily used by both beginners and advanced weight trainers to enable them to lose those excess pounds by increasing the rate of calorie burn, improve […]

5 Signs You Are Overtraining and What to do About it

How to Know if You Are Overtraining

How to know if you are overtraining. Most fitness enthusiasts and body builders take their exercise workouts quite serious occasionally placing unknowingly unhealthful demands of their bodies to the point of overtraining by committing themselves to a total session period exceeding the recommended 5 hour per week training. Individuals who have surpassed this suggested boundary […]

How To Add Inches To Your Biceps in Weeks

How to Add Inches to your Biceps

There are several workouts that have been proven successful in developing biceps muscles for many athletes and fitness professionals. Most of them using a wide range of exercises and workout routines. However, you can add inches to your biceps fast through a series of short training sessions performed routinely once per week. All of which […]

CrossFit Workouts You can do at Home

CrossFit Workouts You can do at Home

CrossFit workouts at home for strength building, high impact, and fast calorie burning training routine that have been quickly sweeping the health and fitness industry all over the world. In fact many people today have credited their weight loss and newly found discipline to this training workout. How to do CrossFit Workouts at Home Many […]

Bicep Blaster Workout Routine Benefits

10 Minute Bicep Blaster Workout

Toning bicep muscles and increasing muscle mass often requires the individual to perform a number of exercises based on resistance and training. This form of training however does not necessarily have to include the use of dumbbells or other weight- training machines. By utilizing your body weight you too can benefit from the effective results […]

Giant Sets To Build Muscle Mass Gains

Giant Sets Workout Hybrid Circuit Training for Max Gains and Fat Shred

The giant sets workout is perfect for both beginners and professionals looking to achieve an effective long-lasting weight loss and muscle gain results.  Many are increasingly aware that methods involving maintaining a strict diet coupled with the aerobic workout are highly ineffective without implementing the proper weight training program. Giant Sets to Help you Gain […]

German Volume Training Workout Benefit

German Volume Training Workout

German Volume Training workout otherwise known as GVT by most weight enthusiasts is a specific weight program used by bodybuilders, powerlifters, and Olympic lifting contestants to successfully gain mass and reach new plateaus. How to do the German Volume Training Routine Irrespective of the set goals by the weight lifter, the German Volume Training routine […]

Best Cardio Workouts Plan to Melt Away Fat

Cardio Workouts to Melt Away Fat

One of the most essential factors to maintaining a healthy body and physique is some forms of cardo exercise maintaining a good cardio workouts to increase the body’s energy output, enhance the rate of metabolism, improve recovery and burn those excess calories to improve weight loss. Cardio workouts can melt away fat loss Top Cardio […]

Weight Lifting Mistakes You should avoid

Common Weight Lifting Mistakes

Weight Training seemingly at times is a world by itself. With the vast amount of circulating information it is difficult at times to learn what exactly should be done, the do’s and the don’ts respective to weight training and the available techniques. Many people who have taken the decision to embark on a journey with […]

Active Recovery Workout Routine – Ultimate Guide

Active Recovery Post Workout

The term active recovery post workout otherwise known as AR is used in the weight and fitness industry as the engaging in a series of low-frequency workout routines after each workout. These exercises are generally done during the cool-down phase immediately after a successful workout or can be used in itself as a workout program […]

Lose your Gut With These Basic Guide

A Basic Guide to Help Lose your Gut

Sick and tired of having to constantly buy bigger sized clothing as your current items appear to be getting tighter and tighter on your body then lose your gut. Unfortunately, no matter how much you try to convince yourself, they aren’t shrinking in the wash and it is instead you that are getting bigger and […]

Common Shoulder Injuries: Tips on how to Modified Lifts

Modified Lifts for Shoulder Injuries

For those who suffer from common shoulder injuries, finding the right recovery is vital before you can lift at full capacity. Most fitness professionals are generally accustomed to performing their weight training routines using a standard technique. Allowing them to achieve the maximum results possible in the shortest possible time. Some of the more common […]

Muay Thai Workout The Ultimate Training

The Muay Thai Workout

The word “Muay-Thai” when translated to the English language effectively means the art of Eight Limbs, or Thai Boxing. The sport has often been referred to as one of the most brutal combative stand-up martial arts sports using a combination of powerful kicks, and punches using the feet, elbows, knees and even the forehead the […]

How to Use Weight Lifting Wrist Straps

Tips for Using Weight Lifting Wrist Straps

Using a tools such as weight lifting wrist straps have been at the center of controversy in many weight lifting and bodybuilding communities. This is due in part because of the very rational argument that says using weight lifting wrist straps will slow down your growth in the strength of your grip. However the other […]

Sandbag Workouts Program For Beginners

Full Body Sandbag Workouts

For a long time few experts within the fitness industry have traditionally associated using sandbag within a training workout as, unstable, odd shaped, unbalanced and just purely impractical. However others have hailed the sandbag theory as the direct opposite  it is because of those above stated facts why sandbag workouts are one of the more […]

High Intensity Back Workout Routine

High Intensity Back Workout

Building muscles to successfully create that thick wide v-shaped back can be one of the most difficult tasks ever to be accomplished both for beginners and even professional weight lifters. Many professional weightlifters will testify that not only does having a well-defined back gives the physique a wider and more powerful look immediately identifying them […]

High Intensity vs. High Volume Strength Training

High Intensity vs. High Volume Lifting

The question of high intensity vs. high volume strength training has been a recurring topic for debate between fitness professionals within the industry for a number of years. There has been the age old belief that, the heavier the weights lifted, the more muscle mass a person will gain. However, as time goes on and […]

Superset Workout Routine For Mass

The Superset Workout Routine

There are several ways to effectively structure exercise sets for a workout routine. One of those methods used by many fitness professionals today is the superset workout routine for men. How to use the superset workout method to amp up your workout This superset workout routine for men specifically involves doing one set of a […]

The Importance of a Cool Down After Your Workout

Importance of a Cool Down After Your Workout

Cooling down after a workout has been dismissed by many people as a myth or old wives tale with seeming unimportant and a general waste of time. The truth of the matter the importance of a cool down after your workout is just as important as the initial warm up before you begin your exercise […]

Best Kettlebell Workout For Beginners

Kettlebell: The Original Cast Iron

Imagine a workout that incorporates flexibility, strength and cardio, all in one. Now, imagine doing that workout using just one piece of equipment. Well say hello to the kettlebell workout. Top 5 Kettlebell Workout Benefits Although kettlebells have been around for many years, they are coming back lately with a vengeance. Kettlebells are a fresher […]

Split Training vs. Full Body Training

Split Training vs. Full Body Training

Too many people in today’s fitness industry, have their goals rooted in their dreams of improving muscle mass and core strength. Not only have many exercise enthusiasts been motivated by pure cosmetic looks but also for health reasons as well. A popular method to enhance the ability to increase the muscle tone and structure is […]

Circuit Training: The Perfect Workout Routine

The Benefits of Circuit Training

Circuit training is popularly seen as the average workout program combining fitness training with a cardiovascular workout. The circuit training exercises utilizes a method involving weight or resistance training to effectively achieve the maximum workout within the shortest time possible. How Circuit Training can take you to the next level Highly recommended for people who […]

How to Mix Cardio and Weight Training

How to Balance Cardio and Weight Training

Having a fitness lifestyle is a great way to learn balance. You have to balance your real life with the Gym, eat healthy 80% (hopefully) of the time. Avoid foods that impact your fitness goals and the list goes on. Considering your goals you also have to balance cardio and weight training. Lets discuss what […]

Periodization Training to Avoid Training Plateaus

Periodization Training to Avoid Training Plateaus

After a period of weeks or months of dedicated grinding in the gym you find all of a sudden that the law of diminishing returns has taken a stranglehold of your progress and you have all but completely plateaued that’s when you should take a look at periodization training to avoid plateaus. What is periodization […]

How To Use a Smith Machine For Best Result

The Do's and Don'ts of using a Smith Machine

Typically designed for weight training, the dos and donts using smith machine. Smith Machine consists of a barbell fixed by a set of steel rails thus allowing vertical movements. There are however variations of this machine which will allow a minimal level of movement in the forward and backward direction. Tips on how to use […]

5 Best Fat Loss Workouts That Burn Fat Fast

Creating your own High Definition Fat Loss Workouts

Any athlete or fitness fanatic will tell you that the foundation of getting any results from your fat loss workouts happens in the kitchen. You need to be eating correctly and drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day if you want to get results from your hard workouts. create your own high definition […]

Hyperbaric Chamber Does it really Work?

Hyperbaric Chamber - A Breath of Younger Air

We all joke a little when we hear about people like Olympic champion Michael Phelps, former NFL Linebacker Jason Taylor and the late Michael Jackson sleeping in a Hyperbaric Chamber (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chamber(HBOT). But behind the jokes and kidding, we all can’t help but wonder “Does it really work?” It’s hard to argue with the […]

Strength Training vs. Body Building the Eternal Debate

Strength Training vs. Body Building – the Eternal Debate

The argument – and confusion — over what strength training vs. bodybuilding actually encompass, and which is better or how they’re different is complicated. This discussion dates back to the beginning of the sports themselves. Fact is, though they may have some superficial similarities, bodybuilding is completely different than weight training, with completely different techniques […]

Olympic Lifting For Beginners How to Master it

Olympic Lifting without Using Bumper Plates

Not every professional powerlifter is known for performing with the biggest and most explosive lift. Most powerlifters in their training routine are known for focusing on a range of olympic lifting exercises specifically used to develop elite strength, size, and enhance their speed by recruiting their fast-twitch muscle fibers. By targeting these muscle fibers, the […]

Soccer Legs Workout Back Squat Train like a Footballer

The Soccer Legs Workout

For a professional soccer player to perform at his maximum potential a strong well conditioned body is a must. In particular there is a large emphasis on strength training soccer legs workout aimed to strengthen their lower bodies resulting in some seriously muscular soccer legs. Workout tips to get those muscular soccer legs like the […]

Low Volume Workout Training Program

Balancing High Volume and Low Volume Workouts

When training regardless of how you would like to look at it, the three fundamental ways to increase the frequency of your low volume full body workouts is by achieving the ultimate High Volume and Low Volume Workout Balance. Low Volume Workout Training Program to Enhance your Fitness First 3 Steps 1. Increasing the volume […]

Upper Body Weight Plate Workout

Total Bodyweight Plate Workout

Interval Training today has become one of the most adopted forms of training as several trainers are slowly changing their routines from the occasionally boring cardio workout to a more intense and high impact training routine like Body weight Plate. Body weight Plate High Impact Training Most men who have preferred interval training as a […]

Road Race Training Plan How to Train for a Road Race

How to Train for a Road Race

Most individuals out of the sheer love for road racing will often find themselves attending and participating in a number of events every year. Beginners who have over time developed a keen interest in this sport, enjoy riding and are able to spent three to four hours in the saddle are generally great candidates for […]

Outdoor Circuit Training no Equipment Workout

Mountain Climbers

Many fitness enthusiasts in their hopes to achieve faster results to their training routine have occasionally opted to take their circuit training workouts outside of the traditional gym settings. outdoor circuit training be perform at home or even in a park near you. Top Workout Circuit to try in the great outdoors In a recent […]

Benefits Of Concentric Weight Training

Concentric Weight Training Principles

Most men involved in a routine weight training program have found that having some knowledge of the principles governing concentric contraction has provided them with an enhanced training experience and improved results during their weight training program. What is concentric weight training? Concentric weight training or “concentric contraction” happens when the muscle contracts as it […]

Cross Training Workouts Fitness Plan For Beginners

Cross Training Tips from The Pros

Most men in their quest for the perfect physique, enhanced strength and performance have routinely been found stockpiling massive exercise arsenal utilizing every known cross training method at their disposal to gain their goal to perfection. Importance of cross training in your Fitness Routine Some men however have unwillingly dug themselves into a type of […]

How To Get Bigger Pecs With These Training Tips

Training Tips for Stronger Pecs

The upper chest has been generally an area of neglect by most men when training to develop stronger pecs. Many professional bodybuilders and weightlifters however have discovered that the flat bench is one of the more effective means to successfully improve muscle mass within the upper chest area and build a stronger pecs. Top Tips […]

Weight Training Workouts Tips for Tall Men

Weight Training Workouts for Tall Men

Workouts for tall men. The traditional weight training room has occasionally been referred to as the most feared room to the tall individual training. This is primarily due to the fact that for such individuals to complete their training routines requires stretching themselves at often cumbersome angles to obtain the correct posture. This incorrect positioning […]

Pre-Workout Warm Up Routine Before Workout

Pre-Workout Warm Up Routine

Notably one of the most neglected and highly important aspect of any training or workout, is the warm up routine. Generally there are two varying forms of the traditional warm up exercises used in pre lifting known as the General Pre-Workout Warm Up and the Specific Pre-Exercise Warmup. How to do the General Pre-Workout Warm […]

How to build an X-Shaped Body For Men

How to build an X-Shaped Body

Professional bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts are constantly finding new and innovative ways to structure their training for fat burning and muscle gain through a number of implemented strategies geared towards training efficiency in the shortest possible time often improving their skill and potential in their primary lifts with the coveted goal to build the perfect […]

How to do Dumbbell Lunge And Why you Should

Dumbbell Lunge Exercises for Ripped Legs

The lunge in any training workout is simply defined as taking one giant step. This exercise is often performed with or without the use of weights. Occasionally the lunge has been used in strength training and cardiovascular workouts with dumbbells positioned at the sides, shoulder level, or with the use of a barbell placed behind […]

7 Ways to Shock Your Muscles into Faster Growth

How to Shock Your Muscles into Faster Growth

Most individuals with a slender physique and fast metabolism often find it quite difficult to achieve their desired muscle mass. There are however effective methods bodybuilders and fitness trainers have used over the years to step up their muscle growth.  In such training individuals through the use of specific programs designed to allow the individual […]

Marathon Training Tips And Advice For Beginners

Marathon Training Tips

When training for an event such as a marathon one can look forward to being exposed to a number of workout routines including various forms of running. Similar to the routine used in traditional strength training and weight lifting, marathon training often comprises of weekly scheduling of specific workouts, each designed to address and target […]

High Intensity Interval Training HIIT The Science Behind It

HIIT Workout for Bigger and Faster Gains

High Intensity Interval Training often referred to as HIIT is defined by its training routine incorporating short bursts of demanding exercise activity observing in-between rest periods. This form of training has been widely used by athletes and professional bodybuilders within the fitness industry. Tips for starting your HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training The High […]

How To Build Bigger Muscles with Hyper Growth

Build Bigger Muscles with Hyper Growth

Bodybuilding professional Dan Gallapoo otherwise known as Doberman Dan is renown for his contradictory bodybuilding philosophy which primarily focusses on allowing hardgainers or regular guys who find it difficult to naturally gain muscles to achieve a lean type body mass. As a professional bodybuilder and trainer he has developed some highly successful strategies which have […]

6 Effective Ways to Improve your Workout performance

Simple Ways to Improve your Workout

The body needs to be exercised and properly refueled after each workout. Many times striking the right balance can only be achieved through rigorous hours and efforts or personal experimentation trying to discover the perfect program to fit your daily needs and body’s requirements improve your workout. Unfortunately there’s no quick solution or bundled package […]

Best Weight Training for Men’s Fitness

Importance of Weight Training for Men's Fitness

The topic of weight lifting exercises  and it’s many benefits to men has been a controversial topic within the fitness industry, social discourse and medical field. Scientific research over the years has discovered many indisputable facts concerning the health benefits associated with when you start weight training and lifting. Amazing Health Benefits of Weight Training […]

The 3 Top Upscale Gyms In your Local Area In The USA


If you are truly dedicated to achieving the perfect body you should consider investing in a membership at one of the upscale gyms in your local area. There are a variety of upscale gyms and fitness centers that cater to the needs of various clienteles not just the super-rich. Top 3 Upscale Gyms to get […]

The 2012 Summer Olympics – Men’s Gymnastics

For the 2012 Summer Olympics the Men’s gymnastics competition is a very underrated part of the Games, but shows unbelievable feats of strength, agility, speed and absolutely crazy maneuvers. From the pommel horse to the vault, from the floor exercises to the parallel bars; the Men’s gymnastics competitions are an exciting look into the varying […]