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chiselled abs

Get those chiseled abs with these groundbreaking ab exercises!

Looking for ab exercises which will give you all the excuses to take that shirt off? 6-pack abs are something that all men think...

Circuit training f

How does Interval Training vary from Circuit Training?

What is circuit training? When you switch between several exercises, usually five to ten, in order to target various muscle groups, you follow circuit...

strength training with weight machine

A Beginner’s Guide to Weight Machines

If you are looking to start strength-training workouts but are not an expert at free weights you can use weight machines during your workout...

Sumo deadlift

Why Sumo Deadlift should make it to your list of daily exercises?

Have you heard of sumo deadlift? If not, we are here for you. Don't be intimidated by the name, because it is nothing but...

Muay Thai Cardio Workout

Muay Thai Training to spice up your cardio workout!

Did you know Muay Thai fighting comes wrapped with multiple benefits for your heart? The Muay Thai training can trump all your cardio workouts,...

Foam Roller Exercises

7 exercises you can do with a foam roller!

A workout with a foam roller? We are sure you may have never imagined this! But this usually comes across as an exciting way...


Trekking man

Trekking destinations you can't miss

Trekking moutains is undoubtedly one of the best ways to test your body’s stamina and endurance. It is not only one of the best...

Ways to Have a Beer after exercise

Inspiring Ways to Have a Beer After an Exercise Session

Experts and fitness enthusiasts alike are on the fence about whether having a beer after exercise is a good idea or not. During a...


Cancer Skin Care Protection

One simple thing you can do to avoid skin cancer

It's a fact that skin cancer is the most preventable form of cancer. However, the real question is are you actually doing anything to...

The Right Way to Wear Athleisure

Who doesn't love feeling totally great throughout the day while all the while looking trendy? While that idea may have once quite recently been...

Women & Dating

The Rules for Friends with Benefits

Do's and Don'ts of friends with benefits!

One of the most millennial terms of this century is friends with benefits. It gives you all the relationship benefits without a real-life relationship,...

Woman posing in a sexy lingerie

Women’s lingerie that she will love (and you will too)!

Women’s lingerie is a tricky area to tread. Especially if you are a man, we get the struggle. It is bewildering as well as...


basics of caveman diet

Caveman Diet: The pros and cons!

In recent years, you might have heard about the Caveman diet among your friends or family members. However, if you don’t have any idea,...

How technology is damaging your posture

Posture and technology - how phones and laptops are hurting your body

Today’s technology-driven world has brought so many conveniences and life improvements. However, the impact of body posture and technology has been coming to light...

health tips to follow at 30

Health Tips to start when you hit 30!

In this world, most people are perplexed about the health tips that are to be followed when they turn 30. The common fact is...

weight loss featured

Weight loss foods you knew nothing about!

Your trainer may have informed you about greek yogurt, apples, eggs and other favorite weight loss foods prevalent on the market. But other than...