Adding Muscle Definition to Your Physique

Adding Muscle Definition to Your PhysiqueIf you do not have all the hard earned muscle that you have showing then you have too much fat on your body. This might sound obvious but many weight trainers and bodybuilders concentrate so hard on only building muscle that they often forget about hiding this precious muscle with fat. Although many competitive bodybuilders go into the cutting phase where they concentrate on losing as much fat as possible as quickly as possible before some major competition to increase muscle definition, there is a better way. You can easily gain muscle throughout the year without adding fat on your body.

But the title of this article implies that you already have muscle on your body and would like to add muscle definition and show off this hard earned muscle. The only way to do this is by reducing the fat you take in and increasing your cardio output.

Many bodybuilders are very concerned about doing too much cardio because they think that it will reduce the effect of the weight training and building muscle. But it all depends on when and how you do your cardio work as it can have an enormous benefit to your fat-loss objectives.

There are a few tips when increasing the cardio output and the best advice you can get is to never do cardio on the same day as you do your weight training workout. You should do your cardio on a rest day when you are recuperating from that high intense workout to increase the size of your muscle.

The choices that you have when it comes to the cardio side of your workout can be anything from stationary bike to aerobics but there are many other choices. Your cardio does not need to be long but rather intense and should last for about 20 minutes three times a week.

The reason that you would increase your cardio workout when you are cutting up or getting definition is for two objective. The first objective is to improve the condition of your heart as this will not only enable you to get a better “pump” but will also speed up your metabolism and burn fat or calories.

The changing of your daily diet is vital when trying to increase your definition and getting ripped is all about eating correctly. They are some competitive bodybuilders that take the zero salt and zero fat of “cutting” to the extreme by even cutting out the brushing of teeth because of the sodium in toothpaste.

One should be very careful when going on zero fat as you could be working against yourself when it comes to holding muscle. It is not the amount of fat that you eat but rather the quality and the type of fat that you eat. For example having true virgin oil or eating wild salmon is a good start.

It has good fat that your muscles need which has all the Omega-3 fatty acids in it that you need to build the muscle definition that you are looking for. Obviously reducing your sodium is a good idea as this just holds water which hides any definition you want to show.

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