Vitamin B - B Who You Want to Be

Most offices seem to have a mid-afternoon coffee tradition. It really helps push through that 3 or 4 pm slump. However, that temporary pick-me-up comes at a price. Caffeine is a diuretic, which means it flushes water from your system. And water is vital. Water keeps us healthy. Water keeps us looking and feeling young. So ditch the coffee and pick up some vitamin B.

Vitamin B is the smart alternative. Besides helping the body support functions like metabolism and immunity, vitamin B is also a hard-working natural energy boosters. What’s even more enticing about vitamin B is their other health benefits that come in the form of antioxidants, high fiber content and the ability to maintain youthful memory and mental acuity. Plus, there’s no crash later and the entire spectrum of vitamin B can be found in healthy, non-processed foods. Whole grains, turkey, liver, beans and lentils are all excellent sources of B vitamins, but those looking for a quick fix can benefit from the fortified smoothie beverages in your grocer’s produce section. Just look for dark blue, berry-rich fruits as the main ingredients, these are also great sources of natural vitamin B. You won’t get the Jitters. You’ll feel more alert for longer periods. You’ll even sleep better at night.

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