Concentric Weight Training Principles

Concentric Weight Training PrinciplesMost men involved in a routine weight training program have found that having some knowledge of the principles governing concentric contraction has provided them with an enhanced training experience and improved results during their weight training program.

What is concentric weight training?

Concentric weight training or "concentric contraction" happens when the muscle contracts as it is subjected to any form of isotonic exercise activity. Isotonic exercise is best described as any exercise that uses a range of movement in recognition of or combined with resistance or fixed weight.

Isotonic Exercises

One of the most easily recognizable isotonic exercises that occurs in most peoples daily routines is lifting objects off a table or desk, as well as walking up and down stairs where the concentric contraction occurs during the movement of walking up the stairs and the contrasting eccentric contraction occurring with the person walking down the stairs.

Concentric Contraction

Exercises like the bicep curl during a free weights workout is a great example of concentric contraction. The lifter will notice the concentric phase of the exercise occurring with the person pushing the dumbbell against gravity and the eccentric phase experienced with the movement during the lowering of the dumbbell.

As such the concentric contraction experienced is traditionally expressed as the response exhibited by the muscle trained or exercised combined with its eccentric or opposite contraction so as to perform a range of normal activities on an everyday basis. Many fitness enthusiasts when referring to the concentric contraction will often categorize the event as a type of one halved isotonic activity.

Many professional weight trainers within the fitness industry in truth will refer to concentric contraction training situations in which a smaller muscle group is effectively able to influence a lesser load while eccentric contraction on the other hand are viewed during the period when the muscles trained are not exposed to any specific loads but rather responding to the weight handled by passively distributing the load experienced to the hints and muscle tissues.

Impact load and gravity

This is most often experienced whenever the load impacted upon the muscles during weight training is in excess of the individuals lifting ability to move in the required weight in the specified direction to complete the exercise or in the event of a particular weight training exercise recognizing the movement of the loads utilizing the gravitational pull to complete the movement rather than against it.

Professional weightlifters and bodybuilders over the years have considered the principles of concentric contraction as a vital importance to their training in recognizing  its ability to complement the traditional principles influencing progressive resistance training with the assistance of free weights or training utilizing fixed weights.

Fixed and Free weights for max gains

Professional athletes training using fixed weight machines or free weights at the local gym can often be seen performing exercise sets guided utilizing a progressive training method of lifting heavier weights during their routine effectively resulting in the successful development of muscle mass and density at an exceedingly fast rate identifying the principles of concentric contraction as an essential factor in muscle response to promote muscle mass and build strength.

Today anyone can easily include concentric contraction to their training workout. There are a vast number of options utilizing a range of free weights as fixed weight machines available at the local gym to create a suitable environment in-between the training exercises of the workout program such as running on the treadmill, elliptical, and even swimming.

Beginners however are strongly recommended to seek the assistance of a professional trainer to ensure the proper techniques are employed for the respective exercises to provide the best results and minimize the possibility of injury.

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