Great Questions to Ask on an Interview

Great Questions to Ask on an InterviewDuring an interview, it’s not only the employer who is looking to ensure the candidate is the right person for the job. It’s also up to you as the prospective employee to ask a few questions to learn more about the position to see if it’s a right fit for you. Operating from that mindset, you can confidently have these questions to ask on an interview knowing that not only will you impress them, but you’ll understand more about why you may or may not want the position.

“If I started tomorrow, what would be the #1 priority on my to-do list?”
By asking this question, you’re subtly making your interviewer picture you in the position. You’ll also show that you’re interested in learning how to start off on the right foot from day one and that you’re invested in doing so. All of this will further associate you with this position, which will bring you closer to your ultimate goal. For you, the answer to this question will give insight into what the position truly entails. You can also add follow up questions for further clarification, which will show your interest even more.

“What top personality traits are you looking for in a candidate?”
This is a ‘feel out’ question that helps you understand if you’re a good fit. It also requires some translation. For example, if the answer involves the words ‘intuitive’ or ‘creative’, you can safely assume you will be working more independently. ‘Patient’, ‘collaborative’ could mean more team work or supervision is included.

“What improvements do you hope your new candidate will contribute to the position?”
This could give you an idea on what legacy they left behind and how you can build on that to plan your own success.

“I know [insert company name] prides itself on [insert your researched term here], so what would you say is the most important aspect of your culture?”
This is where you can shine. You’ve shown them you’ve researched the company and understand enough about it to grasp a better understanding of its inner workings. The answer will help you learn more about what the company really values and it’s sure to impress the interviewer.

“In your experience, what’s the best thing about working here?”
This is a variation on “Do you like working here?” which is a great question but can be closed off with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ With this question, you’re going beyond their likes and asking for something more concrete. Interviewers like to share their opinions and this creates the conversational environment that encourages that.

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