Best Quick Workout Program For Beginners

10 Ways to Save Time During Your WorkoutIn the world of Hollywood movies and make believe the average person has an entire hour and more to devote to their workout. In reality this is far from the truth as for the average employee having 24 hours within a typical day is almost never enough they only have time for a quick workout as it often become overwhelmed with the events of the daily job, picking the kids up from school, supermarket for milk, and a host of other activities. In the end the workout takes a back burner to everything else. Ways to save time on workout

Top Ways to do a quick workout

But do not despair. There are 10 ways you can save time during your exercise workout while ensuring you achieve the maximum results possible.

Start early

Ever hear that old saying "The Early Bird Catches the Worm." Well its time to become an early morning exerciser. Go to bet a few hours earlier than normal set your clocks to alarm earlier, and get out of bed and start running on the treadmill, around the block, at the local park or exercising in the living room.

Workout during your break

Sneak in a quick workout during the lunch break. Hitting the gym for a high intensity 25 minute workout during your 60 minute lunch break will effectively provide you with an adequate workout and plenty of time to grab a snack before going back to work.

Keep equipment near by

Keeping a set of weights at your desk or in your locker at work will allow you to squeeze in that precious 15 to 20 minutes of an exercise workout by performing dumbbell curls, abdominal crunches and overhead presses. By performing these exercises in high intensity rate of two to three sets will yield favorable results over time.

Walk your dog

Taking your family pet to the park for a 15 minute exercise time is an additional way to schedule some cardiovascular high intensity training.


Multitasking while using the treadmill. Using a set of three to five pound weights during a brisk walk while performing shoulder press, side lats, standing triceps kickbacks and triceps extensions allows the individual to successfully transform a simple treadmill exercise into a high frequency cardiovascular strength training workout.

Plan a workout meet up

Making fitness dates with your casual acquaintance, family members and friends. Instead of inviting your peers to the local restaurant. Invite them out for an event such as skating, cycling, running or any other form of exercise.

Do extra reps while running errands

Squatting wile waiting in line. It might sound like a silly thing to do but performing toe raises, lunges, and squats is an effective way to sneak in a workout while waiting at he checkout like at your local supermarket or similar location.

Exercise during your favorite show

Exercise while watching your favorite television show. No one likes to be a couch potato. Having a set of dumbbells or jump rope handy while watching the tv allows the individual to perform a quick workout during that commercial break or just before the program.

Take the stairs

Taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Running up a flight of stairs is an effective exercise workout to target the gluteus and abdominal muscles.

Walk to work

Walking to work. Parking your car 1/2 a mile before getting to work and walking the rest of the way is an excellent way to benefit from a workout before beginning your workday routine. These are some ways save time on your workout

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