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Ab Burner Workout That Will Roast Your Belly Fat

The 5 Minute AB Blaster Workout ab burner exerciseWith all the new and amazingly condensed workouts available to the average fitness enthusiast today, men who have occasionally complained about not having enough time to exercise are gradually finding themselves enrolling in a number of workout programs to get in shape with a ab burner workout to improving their physique and overall health.

Ab Burner Workout to Help You Build Muscular Ab Muscles

When deciding on enrolling in a fitness program the general question a lot of beginners often find themselves asking is, “How can I get rid of my belly fat?” Well the truth to this is, there basically two ways for you to rid yourselves of your belly fat and reveal your six pack abdominal muscles; proper nutrition and exercise.

You’re probably wondering to yourselves “Is that it!” Yes guys that’s it, no miracle drug, no million dollar mortgage contraption, and definitely no magical abdominal wand to wave away your body fat. We are going to tell you just how easy it is to get your ripped six-pack abdominal muscles in two simple steps with the ab burner workout.

Change Your Diet

First if you haven’t already done this, you’re going to need to change your eating habits and ensure you maintain a proper diet by eating lean proteins, a lot of fruits and vegetables, whole grain, healthy fats and most importantly drinking a minimum of 1/2 your current bodyweight in ounces of water on a daily basis.

Ok so now that we’ve covered the eating habits let’s move on to the exercise segment of this workout.

5 Minute Ab Blaster Workout

So lets say you’re completely strapped for time, you’ve got one of those Presidential schedules that just doesn’t ever seem to allow you time alone to enjoy your own company. Sort of like being caught up in the kool-aid and you have no idea what the flavor is. Well if this description fits your daily lifestyle then this 10 Minute AB Burner workout is definitely the exercise routine for you, and yes it really does only take five minutes.

Although you can perform this workout just about any time of day we have found that the best time for gaining the most out of the workout has been early in the mornings before getting ready for work.

The Plank

The first exercise of this 10 Minute AB Burner workout is the Plank which is performed during the first minute of the routine.
How to perform the plank:

  1. Begin the exercise by positioning yourself in a traditional push-up position with your body elevated off the floor.
  2. Lower your forearms to the floor ensuring both your elbows and palms are flat on the ground with your elbows directly below your shoulders.
  3. While curing onto your toes engage your abdominal muscles by pitching your pelvis region and contracting your abs towards your lower back.
  4. Maintain a perfectly straight body allowing your spine and neck to remain neutral.
  5. Now contract your abdominals and hold the position for one minute.

Stability Ball Crunch ab burner workout

The second exercise is known as the Stability Ball Crunch and requires the use of a medicine ball. How to perform the Stability Ball Crunch

  1. Start the exercise by rolling outwards on the ball until your shoulder blades, back and tailbone are resting on the ball.
  2. Both feet should be parallel to each other at shoulder-width apart and knees bent at 90 degree angles while evenly distributing your bodyweight across your feet.
  3. Placing both hands behind your head force your shoulder blades together pulling your elbows back maintaining a straight back. Your head should be perfectly aligned with your spine, tucking your chin inwards during the upward stage of the exercise.
  4. Exhale and engage your core and abdominal muscles and slightly touch your chin towards your chest curling your torso towards your thighs until your upper back is no longer on the medicine ball.
  5. Hold this position for one count while maintaining your balance and slowly straighten your body to the starting position exhaling as you uncurl.
  6. Perform as many exercise as you can in one minute.

The Bicycle Crunch

The third exercise is known as the the Bicycle Crunch which really does not need any introduction. As it is one of the easier performed abdominal exercises

  1. most professional trainers often suggest that beginners try not to pull on the neck during the exercise
  2. ensure the elbows are crossed over the body to touch the opposite knee.
  3. Perform the exercise as many reps as possible for one minute.

Traditional Leg Lift ab burner workout

The traditional Leg lift will be our fourth exercise of the 10 Minute Ab Burner workout.Useful tips when performing the Leg Lift:

  1. Slightly bending the legs during the lift reduces the amount of pressure exerted on the back
  2. For a more challenging experience keep your legs straight.
  3. Perform the exercise for one minute.

The Back Extension

The final exercise of the workout is the Back Extension
How to perform the Back Extension:

  1. Begin the exercise by laying on your stomach, facedown and both arms laid out in front of you palms down and legs fully extended behind you. Similar to assumed position of those guys you’ll often see on the television show “Cops”.
  2. Engage and contract your abdominal muscles as mush as you possibly can lifting your right arm and left leg off the floor and extending yourself outward.
  3. Hold this position for a minimum of five seconds before lowering your arm and leg and repeat the motion with the left arm and right leg.
  4. Repeat the exercise on alternating sides until your sixty seconds are up.

For maximum results you can perform the 10 Minute AB Burner workout in as many sets as your daily schedule permits.

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