Ab Exercise Equipment - What Works and What Doesn't

Ab Exercise Equipment Fact or FictionAb exercise equipment fact or fiction, We’ve all see dozens of infomercials with the latest and greatest piece of ab exercise equipment to get those rock hard abs you’ve always wanted. Before you pick up your phone to cash in on the limited time offer just know that no piece of equipment or exercise can magically melt fat off your abdomen no matter how great those before and after pictures look. What some Ab exercise equipment can offer you is additional ways to strengthen your core by adding leverage or offer more comfortable positions to do traditional abdominal exercises.

Ab Exercise Equipment Reviews - What to buy

The Ab roller

Oh yes you know at least one person who has this piece of equipment in their house. The verdict is it can help with working your upper abs but that is about it. It’s not a great investment due to the lack of versatility.

The electronic Ab exercise belt

This is a complete scam and waste of money. There is absolutely no scientific evidence that by zapping your stomach fat with electronic stimulus that you will work any muscle what so ever. Don’t buy this thing!

Stability ball

The stability ball works really well for a variety of Ab exercises. They are relatively inexpensive and work great in small spaces or a home gym. To use this piece of equipment you will need to have some level of coordination or it could lead to lower back strain or other injuries.

The Ab wheel

This is a round circular wheel with handles at the side. This piece of abdominal exercise equipment works well for your upper and lower abs. However it does not allow you to work your oblique’s and can be very repetitive motion and ad strain on your knees.

The cheapest way to do your abdominal exercises is of course a towel on the floor. However if you prefer a piece of equipment we recommend a stability ball or using a light dumbbell for a little resistance. hope the above information help with ab exercise equipment fact or fiction question.

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