Abdominal Exercise Myths Debunked

Abdominal Exercise MythsThe fitness industry today with respect to achieving the perfect abs is so revolutionized that not only are there countless of television ads on local and international stations about the latest exercise machines available for purchase to magically reveal your six pack often with a minimal amount of effort but additionally has managed to conceive the idea that those who are unable to afford these machines can benefit from similar results by performing countless number of crunches and leg lifts to reveal this six pack abs so let’s at the abdominal exercise myths out there.

Top Abdominal Exercise Myths Debunked

Sadly these are two of the largest abdominal exercise myths as beginners who are generally unfamiliar with the proper training methods to muscle development are often swayed into believing that exercises on their own are sufficient to reducing those unlovable “lovehandles”.

Myth #1 Targeted Body Fat

The truth to this matter is that targeted body fat especially around the abdominal muscles cannot be reduced or lost from such areas of the body with a typical standalone workout recognizing the use of exercise as the only factor. As such individuals in their quest to get a perfectly flat stomach are generally urged to begin training to remove the layers of fat often found over the abdominal muscles by embarking on a training routine aimed at burning calories. Many of the professional trainers today have been able to successfully achieve this fat loss within their clients by scheduling selective training programs designed to reduce calorie consumption while increasing calorie burn to proportionally eliminate fat from the entire body.

How to get your abs to show

One of the traditional exercise programs often utilized within the fitness industry consists of the individual having a healthy ad well balanced diet filled with fresh fruits, darkly colored green vegetables, non-fat dairy products, lean red meat, egg white, poultry breast, a range of whole wheat and grain products and fish. Healthy dietary programs such as these strongly prohibit the consumption of saturated fats, soda, sugar, and non-whole grain products.

Having maintained a proper diet the individual should begin a range of aerobic exercises often three times per week including activities such as swimming, running, walking and cycling keeping the heart rate elevated for thirty to forty-five minutes and weight training exercises performed on alternate days to enhance their metabolism level to effect a higher rate of calorie burn and muscle build resulting in increased fat loss.

Myth #2

Men who have been observed daily performing tons of exercises such as abdominal crunches and lifts are generally categorized as stuck in the abdominal myth transition. Medical science has proven on countless occasions that an overuse of abdominal crunches will only result in the shortening of the abdominal muscles the outcome of which is the positioning of the head in a forward direction resulting in a poor posture similar to the Hunchback of Notre-Dame Quasimodo which is hardly a fitness goal for anyone.

As a result most professional trainers strongly suggest including a range of standing exercises aimed at targeting the abdominal muscles to not only contract and train the abdominal muscles but will additionally target and build the lower back muscles used to support the spine and improve posture. The sucking in gut exercise popularly known as the “stomach vacuum” is easily performed at work, home, in the shower or even driving by sucking in the stomach while exhaling and holding the position for a period of fifteen to twenty seconds before inhaling and releasing. This exercise is typically performed ten to fifteen times each day for the best results.

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