2 week guide to a perfect beach body!

2 week guide to a perfect beach body

Do you want to celebrate summer without flaunting your beach body? Bad idea, isn’t it? Now that the sun is shining brightly it is the time to head to the beach or go shirtless maybe! We are just suggesting! On that note, if you are not keen about taking your shirt off what are you hiding? Are you embarrassed about how your body is out of shape from the winter? Well, we are here to help every guy who skipped their gym sessions or home workouts over the past few months! We are going to hold your hand and guide you through the entire two-week plan to get that ripped body! It is time now to firmly keep a watch on what you are eating and exercising right. Find out what other tips we have in store for you!

The 2-week Workout Plan For that Desirable Beach Body

Get ready to hit the beach within two weeks just follow this plan, and you are good to go! We are sharing bodyweight exercises which you can even perform at the comfort of your home or in a park. All you need is dumbbells or medicine ball, and you can get started.

Push Ups followed by Mountain Climbers

mountain climbers
Mountain Climbers

To execute it you need to perform a pushup and quickly follow it with mountain climber for 10 seconds. Repeat this exercise for around ten times. Work a little hard for that toned beach body!

Reverse Lunge with Bicep Curl to get that stunning Beach Body

walking lunge with dumbbells

Use the dumbbells in both hands and keep it on your side while you step back and attain the lunge position. Make sure both of your legs are bent at a 90 degree. To begin with the exercise press back first and then follow it with a bicep curl when you get up. There is an alternative to the exercise in case you do not have dumbbells. You can use a medicine ball and hold it close to your chest.

One leg Shoulder Raise

To execute this exercise accurately maintain your posture by standing on a single leg and holding a dumbbell in each hand. Lift your arms such that they lie straight to your sides but keep your elbows slightly blended. Ensure that your arms reach your shoulder height. Now gradually bring back your hands to the initial position. You must do this exercise for at least 15 times. The alternative of dumbbell here can be a resistance band or water bottles which have some weight.

Russian Twists

The Top Workout Finishers to Increase Fat Burn - russian twist

Firstly maintain an upright position and sit on the floor. Next, lean towards the back making an angle of 45 degrees. Make sure to bend your knees while lifting your feet such that it remains off the floor. Now use a medicine ball and twist from one side to another. Keep doing this exercise for 30 seconds. The alternate for a medicine ball here can be a dumbbell.

Squats with Air press

Before you start doing this exercise keep your feet at shoulder-width distance. Hold dumbbells in each hand with the shoulders facing inwards. Next squat as low as you can and press the weights to the air as you get up from the squatting position. This is followed by bringing the weights to the height of your shoulders, but do not rest it on your pecs. To get the maximum benefits do this exercise for 15-20 minutes. In case you do not have the dumbbells you can use medicine ball as an alternative to do this workout. You will have to hold the ball closer to your torso while squatting. And when you get up press the ball into the air.


Photo Credits: https://www.coachmag.co.uk/bodyweight-exercises/6374/the-skater-jump-leap-your-way-to-stronger-legs

In order to perform skaters, hold the high squat pose making sure your chest is raised. Now maintain a knee bend and jump on the right foot. Simultaneously move your left leg to the back when you land on your right foot and touch the ground with your left hand to where your right foot is. Do a powerful press and come up to switch jumping to the left leg. Do the same movement again but for a different side now. Repeat this exercise for 30 seconds.

These exercises are part of circuit training to build strength. By doing this circuit, you will be able to keep your heart rate up and burn enough calories to tone down in two weeks. Be a regular with your workout session and complete this entire training circuit at least four times to reap the maximum advantage. The time duration for the whole course is approximately 45-60 minutes which you can comfortably accommodate in your schedule. Another critical point to note down is that you need to complete the entire circuit comprising of the mentioned exercise without taking any break amidst training. You can rest for a few minutes once you complete one course.

In the two-week workout plan you must perform this circuit training in every alternate day. So what do you do on remaining days?

What workout to follow for impressive beach body on remaining days?

Beach Body Workout off days - paddleboarding SUP

Well, you have a lot of choices; you can opt for steady state cardio exercises. This includes jogging, cycling, swimming, hiking, etc. You do not have to train intensely hard on these days. You can go easy on yourselves some days and still achieve that beach body.

The next option can be picking HIIT training which will be more useful to achieve that ripped body quickly. The duration of the exercise will be short, but you have to give in all your power.

There is one more option that you can choose which involves mixing steady state cardio with HIIT training. You either do HIIT on one of the remaining days while for the rest you pick cardio. This gives you more flexibility in case you do not feel like doing the same every time.

Besides following the rigorous workout schedule, you have to be really mindful about what you eat. Cut down on your carbs and drink plenty of water. The next thing you know you get that lean, muscular look and every girl hits on you underneath the summer sun! GOAL for Summer = Look HOT---Achieved!!!

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