Functional Strength Training Workout Benefits

Functional Training WorkoutThe benefits Functional strength training has been popular amongst athletes for quite awhile now. It has helped athletes all over the world to improve how they train. The main theory behind this concept is to build a solid foundation on movements we have evolved to be physically capable of. It is designed to help us exercise and move in real life scenarios such as lifting a heavy box, thus helping us to perform our physical tasks with better muscle stabilization, performance and efficiency.

Base principles of Functional Strength Training

To fully get the benefits of functional training, we have to utilize our body in ways that allow us to mobilize completely unrestricted with no boundaries. These movements should allow us to move in all types of motion that integrate our entire body.

Building Your Workout

  • Move in all 3 planes of motion
  • Integrate moves that use the entire body
  • Find movements that challenge us mentally and physically
  • Exercise should be when standing, keeping contact with the floor throughout exercise.
  • the only normal point of contact should be our feet seen as though this is a natural occurrence in everyday tasks.
  • Try to make your functional training fun, this means you will get more from your workouts.

Benefits of functional training

The benefits are huge, with the correct training regime you can greatly improve your physique, general wellbeing and overall fitness. By using a plethora of functional tools, varied exercises and patterns to reach your goals, you can discover a whole new you.

Functional trainers can experience gains in strength, power, speed, range of motion, flexibility, muscular endurance, cardio fitness.

Popular Training Methods

Functional strength training methods can have a positive effect on or metabolism, helping us strip body fat and become leaner. We can also improve our cardiovascular results and improve intensity, leading to better aerobic and anaerobic energy.

Customize your body into being primed for your desired sport, it can help prevent injury and even help rehabilitate injuries at a faster than normal rate. Less obvious but just as important benefits are improved posture, improved ability to perform everyday tasks. It can also help you stay fitter for longer as your body ages.

Functional Strength Training Tools

There are many training tools that you can use: kettlebells, saq hurdles, SAQ ladders, core bags, sparring equipment, medicine balls, dumbbells, barbells, ViPR and TRX machines can all be part of a great functional training workout plan.

The Future- The benefits of functional strength training are here to stay, by the looks of things! This type of training has existed for a long time, but only recently have people given it a label. As the term becomes more widespread, gym goers will hopefully shy away from machines in the gym and move toward free weight exercises. More floor space should be dedicated to functional training spaces.

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