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Best Abs Workout Circuit to Build Core Strength

Benefits of a Pre-Workout Ab CircuitAb circuits are a fantastic way to get your stomach chiseled and strengthen your core. A good ab circuit can leave you feeling energized, pumped, and full of confidence. Often times ab circuits are reserved until the end of a workout or done coupled with cardio. There are some benefits and good reasons to start your routine with a pre abs workout circuit. They are helpful with stretching, motivation, and strengthening your core.

Benefits of pre Abs Workout circuit to build a ripped core


You have a couple different pre workout stretch options. You can do simple static stretches. You just stand still, target some muscle area, let’s say your calves, and pull against it until it feels good and loose. The shortcomings are static stretches are isolated and therefore take a while. They don’t really get your blood flowing and they don’t do much to improve your performance. They are good for helping with a cramp. What we really recommend are dynamic stretches.

Dynamic Stretching

Dynamic stretches are stretches that get the whole body involved. Then work to loosen and warm up the individual’s muscles by doing complex movements. These exercises include high knees, jumping jacks, walking toe touches and arm circles. Dynamic stretching translates into increased blood flow and energy.

By doing abs first, you are strengthening your core AND warming up. This is crucial especially if you are low on motivation and not really feeling up to picking up those heavy weights today. Instead of standing around pulling at your toes and swinging your arms, do abs!

All the Stamina You Need

An important tip about your abs workout circuit is when you hit your abs first, you can hit them hard. You are fresh, you have as much stamina as you will have your whole workout and you can give it your all. If left to be performed at the end of your workout it may be too easy to say, “I’ll hit abs tomorrow.” It’s a slippery slope. Knocking out abs first allows you to maintain form, focus, and you will be less apt to cut them short if it is just the start of your day. You are more likely to turn your 7 minute ab routine into a 1 minute ab routine if you have tired yourself out during your lifts first.

Build Your Core with the abs workout circuit

Getting a burn on your abs early will get your core involved in your routine right from the start. With your abs a little tight, they will be engaged and working through a fatigued state to stabilize your body during all your other lifts and stay tight until the very end.

We do not recommend that you work your abs until exhaustion at your warmup especially if your core is very important to your lifts that day, like if you are doing squats. If you train your abs first, you will not have the necessary stamina to perform a lot of leg exercises. You wouldn’t exhaust your this before working chest, so don’t exhaust your abs if they are your primary stabilizers. However, if you ARE working pecs, doing abs first would make a great complement for your chest day.

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