Block Periodization Powerlifting Training Program

Block Periodization Training for Powerlifting power lifter strength gainsAre you a power lifter looking to make some serious strength gains? Then you should read on to find out how effective block periodization training powerlifting can be and what it can do for you. This method is ideal for intermediate to advanced power lifter- these blocks are accumulation, transmutation and realization.

What is block periodization training powerlifting

Perform each block periodization training for 3 to 6 weeks each. The length of each part depends upon your personal plans. Whether you are planning to compete soon or currently in off season, your experience should all be considered. You should always be fully prepared before starting any training program.

Exercises for each section have to be based around your technique, goals, energy levels, strengths and weaknesses. Block periodization can be tailored towards very specific needs and is not a ‘one rule for all’ method.

Accumulation Block

The first step in your new schedule and is the least specific. Consider this part your overall conditioning program. The accumulation block should focus on general aspects- improving aerobic fitness, lung capacity and endurance. By improving all of these areas one can vastly increase your recovery rate, meaning faster progress for you, strength gains and avoiding injury. If you avoid this area, you will not be ready for the next two blocks.

Transmutation Block

Things become more specific to your individual needs in this block with an even split between general exercises, special lifts and competition lifts. You should also make room for extra rowing, upper back work and core strength here. Each transmutation block taxes your a-lactic energy system, with variations of jumps and sleds that are proven to achieve the desired effects in this period. This is another area neglected by people all too much, don’t be one of them.

Realization Block

The name of this one makes the objective rather obvious. This is your last phase before a competition where all the fruits of your labor should come into your grasp. Three quarters of your workout routine should be focusing on competition lifts at this point. Squat, bench press and deadlifts.

Be sure to still include your rowing for upper back and core restoration movements. At this point your training session frequency should also decrease significantly, allowing more time for recovery. we suggest that you try this in the off season to find out what works best for you, the aim of this is to peak at the right time. If you utilize this correctly, success will be yours!

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