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Bodyweight Exercises For Strength Training

7 of the best explosive body weight exercisesThe are some of the best explosive bodyweight exercises. Bodyweight exercises often go very underrated as a viable way to build muscle and lose weight. Many people do not realize, whether athlete or not, one of the most important aspects that they can apply to their bodies is explosive training.

There are many impressive looking body weight exercises, such as Superman pushups, etc., but a very little number of people can do that. For most there is no use of trying these exercises. You may end up hurting yourself or maybe after some time gives up doing it which is not enough to cause a prominent change.

7 of the best explosive bodyweight exercises that anyone can adapt to get results are discussed in this article speedily. You just have to be committed and cooperative with yourself. These are the practical explosive speed training exercises that you can do anywhere.

Top 7 Explosive Bodyweight Exercises

1.  Power Plank-Up

This exercise is great for developing upper body explosiveness and tying it to your core. This exercise entirely relies on the strength of your core. You have to get yourself up to an untoned position on your elbows. Now explode up in one move and try to land on your hands.

2.  Plyo Chin Ups

In this, you have an underhand chin up position. The real value of doing a plyo version chin-ups is that you will be able to release the bar by building your full pull strength. To develop the true upper body explosiveness, you have to pull through the bar.

3.  Glute/Ham Single-Leg Plyo Bridge

This bodyweight exercise hits your lower body explosiveness. A normal bridge allows our body to align parallel to the ground and thrust yourself up with a little bit clearance and then again hit the ground. Another great single leg exercise is single leg resistance squat, use a towel, rope or resistance band to hook around a sturdy pole and squat one one leg with the other extended in front.

4.  Pendulum Planks

To get started with this exercise you need to get down on the ground in your basic plank position and try to swing your feet in a pendulum motion. You need to try to get as much clearance as possible. Through this exercise, you can develop stability in your core. You develop a command of your bodyweight strength.

5.  Hannibal Pushups

This is one of the greatest bodyweight exercises to develop upper body explosiveness by learning how to get off the ground as quickly as possible. It is needed by even an average guy to develop the sense of integrating the upper and the lower body at the same time as fast as possible.

6.  Rolling Squat Burpees

You go on your back instead of on your stomach and still get up explosively to get on your feet by jumping. Again after getting on your feet you go back into the roll up. There is a continuous progression that you go from your back down to your stomach and again go to your back. All this makes it explosive body exercise.

7.  Ultimate bodyweight exercises – The 180 Depth Tuck Jumps

In this exercise, you have a little bit control over your body and space. In-depth jump, you just have to step off the box to execute the jump and get back as quickly as possible. It involves explosively lowering and then popping up.

Training always starts at a low pace, but the main purpose is to build up the stamina slowly and to be able to build explosiveness. You cannot start all of these in a combination; you just have to master them one by one.

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