How To Push Through workout Pain Barrier

How to Break Through the Weightlifting Pain BarrierIt was well over 30 years ago when the famous Arnold, the king of bodybuilding at that time said. “No pain no gain”. It seems to have mutated into "Breaking the Pain Barrier" however it is just as relevant as it has always been to push past the pain barrier.

How to push through the Pain Barrier

Pushing past the pain barrier requires the lifter to keep lifting even when they feel the pain that comes with any heavy and intense weight training. Any serious lifter that wants to grow their muscles significantly must clear this mental hurdle in order to reach the level of training that will allow them to develop really large muscles.

Know good pain from bad pain

The pain is there for a very good reason and that is to protect us. The brain is hardwired to protect the body when it under severe stress, the kind that comes with lifting heavy weight. Keep in mind that we’re talking about the kind of pain that comes from the strain of pushing your weightlifting to the limit. There are other types like tearing or pulling that should never be ignored. However to get past the normal strain each lifter needs to teach themselves to reset their mental limits.

Use a training buddy

Anyone with experience in this matter will tell you that you will not be successful at going past the pain barrier without help. Either a very good training partner or a coach is essential. It is not easy to go beyond the point of failure without risking injury.

Learning to shut out that pain and keep moving your body to the edge is something that comes with practice, dedication and commitment. For the average fitness enthusiast this may seem rather extreme however if one has a goal to achieve they have to  push until the point of muscle failure then learning to ignore the pain is vital.

Practice makes perfect

Training past the pain barrier is something that not only needs a lot of practice but also a lot of balls. If you are going to step into this area of the mind you need to be able to teach your body that the signals it is giving for your body to stop working it needs to be ignored.

Ignoring this is a bit like holding your hand on a hot stove while it is burning you. But the point is that these signals like the brain sends you when your hand is burning is survival and it certainly takes a lot of determination to get past the pain barrier which is there to protect us.

When and if you are able to develop this ability you will notice that it will be like flipping a switch eventually and something that you can just tune into. As mentioned above this can take years of practice but once you are able to break this pain barrier you will certainly see the results.

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