At Home Cardio Workouts You Can Do Anytime

Cardio Workouts You can Do At HomeCardiovascular training contrary to the traditional belief does not focus entirely on running aimlessly like a hamster on a wheel. Neither does it require performing numerous reps of stair master exercises for hours on end. To debunk these myths we will show you some at home cardio workouts that are fun, effective and engaging.

Top At Home Cardio Workouts

The art of cardio training involves any training exercise with the known ability to benefit the cardiovascular system within your body through elevation of the current heart rate resulting in vast improvements in muscle oxidation and utilization.

Many runners and gym-goers alike today have seen the numerous benefits of cardio workouts within the confinements of their own home by actively performing some of the more popularly used high-intensity cardiovascular training exercises (HIIT) by many professional athletes, cross fit athletes and everyday people.

Kettlebell Swing

standing kettlebell swing

The Kettlebell swing with it’s explosive power has traditionally been used to stimulate muscular growth through oxidization while increasing cardiovascular endurance in the individual training by combining the benefits of the tradition dumbbell training with a high intensity cardiovascular workout.

This exercise has been proven in it’s effectiveness in increasing the metabolic rate and enhancing calorie burn resulting in loss of fatty tissue and overall weight loss. Performing the kettlebell swing with high intensity makes for a great cardio exercise. Use light to moderate weight so you can keep the tempo going and increase the energy by forcing your body to rely on the assistance of the muscle tissues. This will enhance the development of muscular mass, and core strength while strengthening the heart muscle and toning your overall physique.

How to do the Kettlebell Swing

  • Stand with both feet at shoulder-width apart holding the kettlebell in a forward position at eye level using both hands.
  • bend the hips back and swing the kettlebell backwards between your legs legs for one count.
  • Then forcefully swing forward bringing it back to eye level completing a single rep of the exercise.

At Home Cardio Workouts – Jump Rope

Fitness Gifts for Men who like to Workout -jump rope

Looking for simple and highly effective at home cardio workouts? The simple jump rope workout remains one of the best exercises for enhancing calorie burn and fat loss. The average male will burn more calories during 15 minutes of a jump rope workout than 1 hour on the treadmill.

This workout not only vastly improves your metabolism rate and fat loss burn but it has also been credited in it’s ability as a form of cardio training to improve the flexibility, agility, balance and upper body muscle ton. Many fitness experts today still consider the jump rope workout the most effective and affordable equipment assisted training workout used today offering the best option in cardiovascular workout.

Bodyweight Exercises

perfect burpee form

Explosive bodyweight exercises are an effective method of cardiovascular training. They are growing in popularity because they are an easy home cardio exercise that is simple to perform from your home, gym and everywhere in between.

Most explosive bodyweight exercises are often performed using a form of HIIT training accelerating the movements of the body during the exercise to achieve similar results to training recognizing the use of weights. Some of the top explosive body weight training exercises include, the burpee, the jump lunge, or the jump squat.

Full Body Circuit – Tabata Training

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Now take all the components from above and create your own full body circuit. If you workout intensely you can cut your workout time down to 15 minutes. Here is a great 5 minute circuit you can repeat in 3 sets to get intense at home cardio workouts, allow for 2 minutes of rest in between sets. All you will need is a few simple pieces of equipment (or replacement items) and a timer.

Tabata Training Circuit

  1. Kettlebell Swings (60 seconds)
  2. Push ups (30 seconds)
  3. Burpees (30 seconds)
  4. Jump Squat (60 seconds)
  5. V- Sit Ups (30 seconds)
  6. Bicycle Sit Ups (30 seconds)
  7. Jump Rope (60 seconds)

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