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Common Weight Lifting Mistakes You should avoid

Common Weight Lifting MistakesWeight Training seemingly at times is a world by itself. With the vast amount of circulating information it is difficult at times to learn what exactly should be done, the do’s and the don’ts respective to weight training and the available techniques. Many people who have taken the decision to embark on a journey with weight lifting have often found themselves discouraged with the overwhelming and vast information including what to do in the gym, diet supplements and routines and find them self  making one of the most common form weight lifting mistakes .

Top Common form of Weight lifting Mistakes


One of the most common weight lifting mistakes is that longer training sessions will return in better results. This misconception could not be further from the truth as it has been a proven and documented fact through careful research and study, that lesser training will yield more rewarding results. Weight training bears a notable impact on a person’s joints and nervous system which can have a devastating and lasting effect on a person’s muscular structure in the event of over training and abuse of the muscles.

The time spent away from the gym allows the muscles to have an adequate supply of time to rest and recuperate. Lifting weights at the gym or even at home for any prolonged period of time will result in muscle tears within the tissues. The muscle on repairing itself during the rest period increases in its mass growing larger in appearance. The length of time allowed for the muscle to repair itself solely depends on the person’s diet and allotted sleep at the end of the work day.

Excessive and over training can however be avoided by planning scheduled routines with careful consideration to refrain from any forms of high impact or advanced routine until you have attained a higher level of experience. Time should be spent away from the gym within twelve weeks of constant exercise to allow the body to fully recover from minor injuries allowing your central nerve system some relaxation time.

Lifting too heavy

Attempting to lift weights above your potential limits will result in severe injury. When lifting weights a person should always learn the proper techniques in exercising training with little or no weights at all in the beginning stages. Once the person has successfully achieved the required posture used in weight lifting then weights should be implemented into the routine starting at the smallest available weights performing the exercise motions gradually increasing the weights over a period of time.

Intense training at a young age

Lifting weights when under aged can have a negative effect on a person’s growth. The average teenager’s growth plates at the end of their bones have not closed, thus by performing weight lifting at too early an age can result in premature closure of these growth plates and even result in possible injury to these bones. It is strongly advisable that teenagers under the ages of eighteen should maintain exercise reps within the eight to twelve range.

Low Rep Exercises weight lifting mistakes

There has been a false and misleading conception that fat burning will be most effectively achieved by using low rep exercises at high weight a person can achieve increased muscle growth. Sadly this parable is vastly incorrect and had led many an aspiring weightlifter down the path to total frustration. Having the proper diet plan is one of the key factors to attaining the desired weight and muscle growth. There is an old but true saying “you are what you eat.” Low rep exercises are used to achieve muscular strength which does little in the aspect of muscle size. Fat burning with respect to weight training can only be successfully achieved by high intensity weight and cardiovascular training which often includes less rest periods and maintaining a high heart rate.

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