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Crossfit Workout Program 10 Exercises To Try

crossfit workout program

Curious about CrossFit workout program?  We got you! Crossfit, admittedly, is not for everyone. And we understand why. It is an acquired taste, like wasabi and pineapple on pizza. You either love it or really hate it. However, there is no lukewarm response to this form of exercise. But also there is no doubt that CrossFit is unlike anything that you have ever tried. If you have been thinking of dabbling in the CrossFit world, we are here to give you some pointers.  

The Basic Guidebook to CrossFit Workout Program

Being Super fit is not a mandate

Interested in CrossFit but unsure whether you are ‘fit enough’ for it? Don’t let the energy of CrossFit workouts intimidate you. Also, CrossFit is very quantifiable, so your coach will most probably give you a workout which is more suited to your fitness level.

Warming Up Is Non-negotiable

crossfit workout program

Before you start your WOD (we will get to that in a while), a CrossFit gym will encourage their members to do some intense warm-up. You should have your blood pumping and have warmed up well before you start your session. Your WOD will most likely include an assortment of different workouts, and your body needs to prepare for it to avoid injuries.

Different Boxes, Different Vibe

Each Crossfit gym has a different vibe and different energy as well as different workout programmers. Also, you can’t go into any Crossfit gym and expect to pick up from where you left off in a regular gym. It is an intense community and your workouts routine will most likely be customized in different ways by different coaches.

Get friendly with Chalk crossfit workout program

During Crossfit sessions, you will most likely be holding a lot of things and equipment, like pull-up rigs, kettlebells, ropes, etc. Things can get sweaty and slippery, so chalk is your friend. It gives you the much-needed friction and also prevents accidents and injuries.

Crossfit Lingo

At first, you will probably feel like you don’t know what everyone is talking about and don’t know your ‘Helen’ from ‘Mary.’ Stress but in no time you will know that WOD is actually a ‘workout of the day,’ AMRAP means ‘as many rounds as possible.’ Helen, Fran, and Mary are just different WODs you will soon be familiar with.

You can get Injured, but Chances are Rare

crossfit workout program

There is a lot of talk about the CrossFit workout program and the possible injuries one can get. But, if you have a good coach the risk is minimal. When you are in good hands, your progress will be smooth. Your coach will pay more attention to your improvement. While you are focusing at AMRAP it is important you listen to your body and be attentive to your limits.

Get your Clothes Right crossfit workout program

The correct type of clothing is essential for your movements to be clear and visible to your coach. Opt for comfortable clothes that let you breathe, however, make sure it’s not too loose. CrossFit workout program requires a lot of mobility pick clothes that don’t restrict your movement.

Don’t use the Same Sneaker Everywhere

For your workout you need the right gear and picking a sneakers may look easy. We recommend you choose the training sneakers instead of running shoes to have the extra stability. Wearing shoes with less cushion will make you notice the difference and also help you during various movements.

Intense Workout Daily is not Necessary

Going for an intense workout every day is also not good for your body’s well-being. When you begin with the CrossFit workout, you can expect soreness everywhere initially. You will also feel worn out and weaknesses. This becomes more important to take time for recovery, in fact, it’s okay to take rest days. Self-care is equally important for this challenging workout so it is important to get a great deal of sleep.

Follow the Correct Diet for crossfit workout program


To maintain your energy level, improve performance and speed-up recovery be thoughtful about what you eat. Nutrition plays a major role for the workout to work in your favor. Therefore, keep in mind to include lean meat, vegetables (lots of it) and nuts. Also, cut down on sugar, starch and the junk that only gives you unhealthy calories.

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