Sandbag Workouts Program For Beginners

Full Body Sandbag WorkoutsFor a long time few experts within the fitness industry have traditionally associated using sandbag within a training workout as, unstable, odd shaped, unbalanced and just purely impractical. However others have hailed the sandbag theory as the direct opposite  it is because of those above stated facts why sandbag workouts are one of the more suitable routines in achieving a premier workout. The full body sandbag workouts

full body sandbag workouts to Push Your Fitness to the Max

The fact that they are in effect unstable allows the body’s muscles to constantly adapt to the varying shifting in their weight. Their imbalance forces the body to make the necessary adjustments to improve the body’s balance, and the transformations of their shape allows the user to achieve a variation of workout exercises with each use.

Easy to Use at Home or on the Go

The sandbag additionally provides the user with the advantage of being able to store this piece of equipment in virtually any area within the home, not to mention the fact that they can be very affordable. Training experts on the other hand who recognize the effectiveness of sandbag training will tend to opt for the decision of purchasing specialty bags for their fitness routines. These bags are recognized as the ideal equipment for sandbag training, as they are versatile, durable and designed for the enthusiast who requires a high frequency sandbag training routine.

Sandbag Workouts you can use in your fitness routine

One of the more commonly used sandbag training workouts involves performing 4 specific routines. The first of which is known as the Shoulder the Load. This exercise is performed by placing the sandbag at the feet. By bending at the hips and knees the bag is grabbed at both sides. The person then forcefully ascends to a standing position lifting the bag over one shoulder straightening both legs positioning the hips forward. The motion is repeated in six reps for each shoulder, taking a one minute rest period before beginning the next exercise. This exercise has been found to improve upper body strength in addition to increase muscular mass within the legs thus improving balance and coordination.

Benefits of the Sandbag

The irregular shape of the sandbag requires the user to exert a vast amount of energy to effectively lift it. This leads to the second in the series of exercises known as the Walk Off Your Gut exercise has been implemented within the workout as it has been proven to increase the rate of fat burning and stamina of the person. The routine is performed by either wrapping both arms around the sandbag holding it securely to the chest or over the head while walking. The person should maintain a posture of standing upright, chest up and arms braced and shoulder back. For the best results the exercise should be completed in a thirty second routine walk with a one minute rest before attempting the next exercise.

Grip, Row and Grow

The Grip, Row and Grow exercise routine is then performed as the third exercise and is initiated as the person grips the sandbag from both sides standing with both knees bent and apart keeping the back almost parallels to the floor. While maintaining the position the bag is lifted towards the abdominals holding the bag as close to the body as possible before lowering it. This exercise is done in sets of 8 reps.

Squat for Strength Exercise

The last exercise in the workout is known as the Squat for Strength exercise which begins by holding the sandbag in a bear hug while standing. The squat is performed by lowering the thighs ensuring they are parallel to the floor before pushing in an upward motion to the standing position. This exercise is done in reps of 5 then taking a one minute rest period,then performing the Walk off Your Gut exercise before repeating the exercise set beginning with the Shoulder the Load.

The number of completed sets depends solely on the ability of the exerciser, as beginners may want to start off with completing two to three sets before increasing the amount and frequency of the workout.

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