Benefits of Spiderman Pushup Workout Routine

There are many different variations of the good old pushup and the Spiderman Pushup exercise is just one of many. The nice thing about doing these types of Spiderman pushups exercise is that you don’t need any equipment and you will get huge benefits that include increasing you upper body strength and your central core strength. How to get workout with Spiderman pushup.

How to do the spiderman pushup

To begin, get into the pushup position and go down as if you were performing a standard pushup. Once you are in the lowered position bring your left knee to your left elbow, then return to the pushup position and raise back up. Then alternate on your next rep to bring your right knee up to your right elbow in the lowered pushup position.

On your first attempt you may want to reduce the number of reps per set until you get the motion down. So if you usually do sets of 20 start out at 10-14 until you are comfortable.

Body parts worked

You will know you are performing the spiderman pushup correctly when you feel the burn in your abs corresponding with each side as you lift up your knee to your elbow.

Breathing is also important as, you need to get into the habit of always concentrating on your breathing when doing any exercise. As you know always breath out on exertion and always keeping your breathing regular even when you get out of breath as you start to reach the point of failure.

Breathing is vitally important when doing exercise because when you are lifting heavier weights and reaching the point of failure, it has been shown in studies that this breathing out on exertion helps you to get extra strength. It is something that should become a good habit whenever you are doing any exercise.

Benefits of the Spiderman push up

There have also been studies done on the ways that you can burn up to 300 calories in only ten minutes and the Spiderman pushups exercise was selected as one of them. They also included squat jumps and sprints and interval training, but it is worth thinking about if you want to burn some fat. make sure you try the above exercises to get workout with Spiderman pushup.

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