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Good Cardio Exercises to Melt Fat

Cardio Workouts to Melt Away Fat cardo exerciseOne of the most essential factors to maintaining a healthy body and physique is some forms of cardo exercises maintaining a good cardio workouts to increase the body’s energy output, enhance the rate of metabolism, improve recovery and burn those excess calories to improve weight loss. Good Cardio exercises can melt away fat loss

Good Cardio Exercises that can melt away fat loss

Most conventional men in today’s fitness industry will generally resort some forms of cardo exercise training at home on a conventional treadmill, pedal for endless miles on a stationary bike or spend some hours on an elliptical machine to a mind-boggling and monotonous routine. While these available options for cardio workouts training are known to provide the user with some benefits overall they are not an effective method to improve flexibility, athletic performance and muscular tone.

Luckily there are several ways men today can perform a mentally stimulating cardio workout to realize fast and long lasting results to increase the metabolism rate to melt away excess fat and build muscles.

Timed Metabolic Circuit

The Timed Metabolic Circuit popularly known for the performance of a number of challenging bodyweight exercises for a duration of time is one of the best ways to combine cardiovascular and strength training. Most professional trainers when referring to this training method will often suggest the use of a pull-up bar in addition to the use of a suspension system such as a Smith machine or a thick piece of rope. The recommend workout includes the individual during the exercise routine to perform each exercise for a duration of thirty to sixty seconds allowing a transition period of no more than thirty seconds for short rests before beginning the next set of exercises.

Smith Machine Workout

Using the Smith machine for a full body workout is typically performed with or without the assistance of dumbbells or barbells. Exercises such as the Smith Squat, Push-up, Deadlifts, Calf raises and biceps curls are generally executed in an alternative manner for upper-body and lower-body training, completing each exercise in fifteen to twenty reps.

Sprint Workout good cardio exercises to melt fat

Cardio training involving the fat burning activity of sprinting is known for recruiting the fast-twitch muscle fibers primarily responsible for the power, strength, and promoting muscle build. These fibers in addition have been proven to provide the body with an increase in the growth hormone primarily in charge of metabolism and muscle recovery. Sprinting for active cardio exercises can easily be performed on a backyard lawn, local park, or hill.

Occasionally individuals when training will raise their treadmill to a ten percent incline lowering the speed rate to a zero mph standstill firmly gripping the handles and simulate a run uphill by pushing the belt as fast as possible in an all out effort for twenty to thirty seconds followed by a thirty second rest period. Professional athletes in their cardio training have often made it a focus to change their effort to rest ratios after completing each spring by lowering the duration of the sprints and rest times while increasing the number of reps within each set.

Medicine Ball Workout

The Medicine Ball Circuit training is performed with the use of a padded Medicine Ball generally weighing anywhere between four to ten pounds. During the training the ball is aggressively slammed against a wall in fifteen to twenty reps before a rest period of one minute. The training is typically performed in four to six exercise sets to increase core strength, metabolism and calorie burn.

Speed Drills a good cardio exercises to melt fat

Speed drills performed by professional athletes on a track, basketball court or lawn will often include high-knee skips, side shuffles, backpedals, and the ten yard shuffle to twenty yard sprint. The workout will generally begin with the individual reforming a number of exercises three times on both the right and left sides of each limb to complete a total of six times on each foot while maintaining their focus by using a long, proportional strides and arm swings resting for a period of thirty seconds to one minute in-between exercise sets.

Metabolic Resistance Training

MRT also know as Complexes are an excellent workout routines used as a method of warm-up, cool-down or a dedicated cardio training performed in-between a typical strength training session. The aim of this exercise is to increase the heart rate of the individual in addition to the metabolic output without exposure to muscle failure. Typically complexes are performed with the assistance of barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, sandbags, or any other available loads at your disposal you may feel comfortable using allowing a range of high speed motions without sacrificing the proper form.

Workout sessions such as the barbell complex is one of the more recommended workouts including exercises such as the romanian deadlifts, bent-over rows, hang-power snatch (clean grip), push press and back lunges completing each exercise in a minimum of five to ten reps resting for a duration of one minute for a total of five sets. Always include some forms of good cardio exercises to melt fat.

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