How to Get a Six-Pack: Without Going to The Gym

How to Get a Six-Pack Without Going to The GymThere are many variations that you can do in order to get a six-pack. Although this article is going to be all about the specific training that you can do at home in order to get a six-pack fast it should be noted that you will not get any results if you do not follow a strict diet or eating plan.

Doing exercises at home usually means using your own bodyweight.

That is all you are going to need to get a six-pack fast if you stick to a routine that will produce results. There are a number of ways that you can plan your routine or training program which is something that should be done before you start off.

The options are anything from the famous 300 workout.

This is a range of ten different exercises that you perform each exercise for 30 reps to do a total of 300 reps. However this is a routine that should not be done on a daily basis but rather a challenge that you do once a week.

The exercises that you will do on a regular basis

Will range from the cobra, the abdominal hold or “plank”, the side crunch, opposite arm and leg raise and many more can all be performed at home or using a couch or some other raised platform. The structure in your exercise program is vitally important so that you can monitor your progress.

Important note about crunches.

that doing too many crunches and sit-ups is something that is extremely ineffective and a complete waste of time and energy. You need to be specific and isolate the abs when you are training abs. This does not mean hours of abs work but getting results means doing the correct exercises and the correct sets and reps without burning yourself out.

Something that would be a good advantage

If you are training at home a pole or a tree branch that you can hang from would be great. This will also enable you to be able to tie some rope in order to do a few inverted raises as well as leg lifts or hip flexor movements while hanging, all of which will put enormous isolated stress on your upper abs.

Your abs and the thickness

The thickness that you can show in your abs are a direct reflection of your inner core strength that you have. Training at home using only your bodyweight to get a six-pack of abs should involve core strength training principals as well in order to get you stronger.

How long should you train your abs for?

This means that you should also concentrate on other body-parts and make sure that your workouts are short, intense and effective. You should never train your abs for more than 30 minutes and you should average 20 minutes for a high intense abs workout.

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