Best Mental Focus For Weightlifting Exercise

The Importance of Lifting Form and Mental FocusIf you speak to any top professional weightlifter or a top coach that trains professional athletes they will tell you the vital importance of the form or technique that you use while training with weights. However another aspect that is just as vital to give you the best results is how to train mental focus on the individual contractions of the muscle as you lift.

How to Train your Mental Focus to Enhance Performance

Develop a plan to stay focused

We know that it is easy to let your mind drift on other things like work or family while you are doing your lifts. However lack of concentration on the “squeeze” of the muscle fibers will prevent you from getting the most effective time under tension and you might not get the full benefit from each rep.

The mental focus aspect of lifting is often overlooked however mastering this skill can play a huge role in which muscles are worked during each exercise. For example if you are performing the bench press you will mainly work your biceps and pectoral muscle groups. However with additional concentration you can work those muscle groups along with your triceps by squeezing them as you raise the bar. By being cognizant of additional helper muscle groups there is a higher chance that you will use with each lift.

Once you start lifting make sure you know the proper form

It takes a bit of practice to get it done correctly but it starts with making a 100% sure that you know exactly what's the best technique or correct form to use when doing an exercise. You will find that you get a more complete workout by maximizing the effect of multiple muscle groups at one time.

In addition to focusing on your individual muscle contractions you will want to focus on your technique. Proper form or technique will ensure that you are working the correct muscle groups during your exercise and keep you from injury. Injuries tend to happen on the sports field and in the gym just as easily because of lack of concentration or focus when training.

Always chose the right form when exercising.

Whether you are running, lifting, or playing sports it is essential that you continue to focus on your movements and corresponding muscle contractions as well as your form. By using this mental approach and focus it will enable you to run faster, lift heavier weight and progress more rapidly in your activities.

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