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How To Do Incline Dumbbell Bench Press

Incline Bench Exercises incline dumbbell press

The purpose of incline bench press exercise is a simple yet effective way to gain upper body strength. It is traditionally performed on an incline weight bench. The weight training bench is a traditional piece of equipment with a flat surface and padded top, adequately designed specifically to be used weight  in a series of weight training exercises. It exists in a number of sizes and a variety of designs. Some are fixed in a folding position, fixed in a horizontal position and fixed in an incline position, occasionally fitted with racks to accommodate weighted barbells consisting of two or more adjustable sections. We cant forget about the incline db dumbbell bench press.

Top Bench Press and Incline db dumbbell Bench Press Exercises

What is the purpose incline bench press

This extremely effective exercise is used by professional bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts for a number or training exercises aimed to target the chest, along with the shoulders and triceps muscles. Two of the the primary exercises performed on the inclined bench include the incline Bench Press and the db Dumbbell Incline Bench Press.

If using an adjustable bench, the lift must start by adjusting the bench to an inclined angle of between 30 to 40 degrees while adding the required weight plates. Many individuals however have preferred setting the inclined bench at a minimum of 30 degrees to prevent over-stressing the trained muscles during their workout.

How do do Incline Bench Press like a Pro

  1. In the incline bench press the individual begins the exercise by laying on the bench with both feet planted firmly on the floor. The barbell is then gripped using an overhand grip with both palms faced away from the individual and at shoulder-width.
  2. The barbell is then removed from the rack and slowly lowered towards the center of the chest as close as possible ensuring the bar does not touch the body.
  3. This position is held for one count before the bar is pushed upwards to the initial position without locking the elbows. This motion completes a single rep of the exercise.

While performing this exercise it is strongly suggested to have a spotter or professional trainer on hand to assist the individual in the event that the person experiences any difficulty during the exercise. Additionally it is highly important that the individual performing the incline bench press not allow the barbell to bounce off the chest when lowering the bar as this action has been observed to be the leading cause for broken ribs experienced by the individual exercising.

Step by Step using Dumbbells Guide

  1. The dumbbell incline bench is performed as the individual maintains a seated position on the incline bench observing a similar angle to that used in the incline bench press.
  2. This exercise is performed with the assistance of a pair of dumbbells of a required weight to the individual. The person while seated on the incline bench should have both dumbbells resting on the lower thighs.
  3. The weight is kicked towards the shoulders while leaning back on the bench. The dumbbells are then positioned to the sides of the individual’s chest placing the upper arm under each dumbbell.
  4. The press is performed as the dumbbells are pressed upwards with the elbows towards the sides until both arms are fully extended after which the dumbbells are lowered towards the upper-chest until the individual feels a slight stretch in either the shoulder or the chest. This motion completes a single rep of the exercise.

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