Inversion Table Benefit: for a Better Back

Using an Inversion Table for a Better BackOne of the many questions within the fitness and health industry for many years has been, “Will an Inversion table work and help with my current back problem? and what are the benefits of an inversion table These recurring question has led to a vast range of products and associated therapeutic devices claiming to help reduce lower back pain.

Inversion table for a better back

Top Benefits for Inversion Tables

Experiencing lower back pain today is one of the most recognized reasons to visit your local physician second to the traditional cold. Many individuals who experience lower back pains have often found this to be the result of poor posture when sitting at home or work, consistent bending and incorrect lifting as well as performing the improper exercise techniques during an exercise workout at the local gym or at home.

This often results in the individual attempting a wide range of possible solutions geared towards reducing the pain experienced while improving functionality of the back muscles.

One of the many solutions used to alleviate mild to severe back pain and restore some levels of normality to the lives of the individual is the inversion table. This device is a padded table firmly connected to a metal frame that is hinged at the center and once the user is securely strapped to the table then they can manually pivot backwards on the table until it is inverted placing the individual in an upside down position.

Reduce effects of gravity and overexertion

The inversion table work because it’s designed to effectively reduce the amount of effort placed on the bones, lower back discs, and joints by inverting the entire body. This process of inversion is believed to develop an adhesive force within the spine allowing the relief of the lower back pain. This inversion theory otherwise known as gravitational traction, bears the implication that diversion is dependent on gravity and as such is limited to the conformity of normal bodily tissue which may be used as an effective course of action.

Lengthen the Spine

Since weight training, running, pounding and daily activity is very compressing on the spine it can build up tension and in turn cause chronic back pain. All of that compression is also the reason why many adults actually lose a few inches in height throughout their lifetime. When you use and inversion table it can elongate the spine, re-hydrate your discs, realign the spine, ease stress, relieve nerve pressure and many other reported benefits. Many long term sufferers swear by this treatment and often comment on how they have been able to avoid surgery by simply using inversion therapy on a regular basis.

Using an inversion table help many however it can pose risks for people with uncontrolled high blood pressure or knee and ankle injuries so it’s a good idea to check with your doctor before using one for the first time.

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