Lower Body Burn Workout

Lower Body Burn WorkoutSo often you see lifters focusing only on their upper body when they hit the weights at their local gym which is unfortunate unless you want to have bulging biceps and toothpick legs. For a total body workout you need to spend just as much quality lifting time on your legs as you do your upper body. We have put together a lower body burn workout that will work your hamstrings, glutes, quads and calves. So save this in your iphone or write it down to bring with you for your next lower body workout.

Lower Body Burn Workout

• Dumbbell Deadlift

Choose a comfortable weight for your dumbbell’s and drop at the waist with a flat back into a deadlift. (12 reps x 5 sets)

• Dumbbell Lunge Squat

Keep the dumbbells at your side and lunge forward with one leg forward then bring your legs back together and alternate the other leg for the next lunge. (12 reps x 5 sets)

• Single Leg Squat

Get a solid lift box (block) or weight bench and prop your foot up with your back facing the box. Using a weight bar across your back, make sure the leg you are balancing on is about one large step in front of the box. Squat up and down on the leg you are balancing then alternate legs. (12 reps x 5 sets)

• Box Step Up

Use the same bar and weight you just used for the single leg squat, step up on the box and raise your opposite knee, then alternate. (12 reps x 5 sets)

• Leg Curl

Use a leg curl machine if you have access, increase weight on each set (12 reps x 5 sets)

• Calf Raises

Use the standing or seated calf raise machine or if you don’t have one use a step with dumbbells. (12 reps x 5 sets)

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