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Best Natural Bodybuilding Bulking Methods

Natural Bodybuilding Bulking MethodsGo on admit it, how many of you used to watch wrestling over the weekend or whenever, or films with The Rock, or Arnold Schwarzenegger and day dream one day having a physique just like theirs? A large number of you we’re willing to bet, and if so, then there’s nothing wrong with that at all. It’s good to have a goal or dream of having a natural bodybuilding bulking methods and something to aim for.

Top Natural Bodybuilding Bulking Methods

It’s what makes the journey there that little bit more motivational and rewarding. However, if you truly want to bulk up and add muscle to your frames without the help of synthetic muscles builders. You are going to have to work outside of your own comfort level. There are several natural bodybuilding bulking methods that you can use to help you on your way.

Train hard and train to failure –

This is a common problem with that many men tend to make in the gym. They’ll grab a set of heavy dumbbells, lay down on the bench, bang out an easy 8-10 reps on flat press, and then stop. They’ll repeat this process another 3 or 4 times. Then do a predetermined amount of reps, despite the fact that they could easily have gotten an extra 4 or 5 if they’d really pushed themselves. It’s these extra reps that really push the body, which encourages it to grow. To excel at natural bodybuilding you have to work through the pain, and go to absolute failure on at least one set of each exercise.

Eat to grow for natural bodybuilding

People tend to shy away from typical natural bodybuilding bulking diets for fear of gaining fat. You will gain a little weight, you have to, it’s unavoidable. But most men aren’t willing to temporarily sacrifice their six pack abs for extra size and strength. You eat more calories than you burn while bulking, That’s how you add the size, but if you’re training intensely and following a relatively clean diet, the amount of fat you do gain will not be too noticeable and will be gone when you begin to diet down anyways.

You simply must eat, and eat a lot if you want to bulk up with the best natural bodybuilding plan. Stick to clean foods such as fish, chicken breast, turkey, lean steak, potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice, and veggies. And get your fats from good sources such as avocados, organic nuts or oily fish.

Focus mainly on free weights and compound movements –

Compound movements require more than one muscle group in order to execute the exercise correctly. For example, flat bench press mainly works your chest, but your front deltoids and triceps also get a decent workout without you realizing. As well as compound lifts, focus mainly on free weight exercises with dumbbells and barbells. These again, work your core and other muscle groups indirectly. Don’t neglect machines altogether, as they’re great for isolating the muscle groups and helping to tone them, but base your workouts mainly around free weights, with one or two machine exercises thrown in towards the end.

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