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Natural Bodybuilding Workouts Tips Steps by Steps

Natural Bodybuilding WorkoutsWhen it comes to getting the perfect physique there are a ton of different strategies that one can pursue including natural bodybuilding workout routine. You can try different set patterns, reps, weights, machines, cables, and an infinite number of variable adjustments.

Natural bodybuilding workout tips to get results fast

However, you don’t have to research all the latest breakthroughs in supplement research and you don’t have to pour through hundreds of magazines and collect “secret tips,” from workout gurus to build strength and muscle.  We are going to address some of the most natural bodybuilding ways for building your body up with simple compound workouts that utilize all areas of your body.

Why Compound Exercises

The reason you want to perform compound exercises is because it is the most natural bodybuilding workout way to get your body into strength building mode. By doing heavy compound lifting, you are not just isolating one muscle to tear and shape up, you are signaling to your whole body that it needs to do better. Remember that your body is an adaptation machine ready to arise to whatever challenge you present it with. If you are just doing isolation movements like triceps extensions and bicep curls then your body is not being called to grow as a whole, instead it is merely going to respond by replenishing the triceps and bicep fiber so that it can do better next time. This may cause you to grow awkwardly, disproportionate, and be left with little functional strength.

With these highly effective compound exercises we are about to discuss you only need to do about 4 or 5 sets at about 5-7 reps to get huge. Try to incorporate them in whatever way you can and seek to improve your weight every week. Without further ado, here they are:

The Best Compound Exercises for Natural Bodybuilding


There is no substitute. We can’t think of any more engaging exercise than the classic squat. Every bit of your leg is engaged- your quads, glutes, hams, calves; they all have to work together to keep you on your feet as you lower your hips down. Your back and core are required to keep your body from collapsing forward and your stabilizers will be in full force all over your body to keep the weight balanced and steadily moving down and back upward. Use barbells, not the smith machine, or you won’t get the full effect. Do squats. If you can fit them in twice a week you will see massive results on your entire physique.


If there is a comparable exercise to squats of any sort on the planet, it is deadlifts. Deadlifts are a necessity for any bodybuilding workout routine since it works much the same as squats in how engaging they are for your entire body. You can really load up the weight and bulk up your thighs quickly. Deadlifts require a strong back and also engage your grip and arm strength. Because your legs will grow faster than your grip muscles you will probably eventually use wraps so you can keep the weight attached to your arms. Deadlifts release tons of testosterone because of the workload being placed on your legs and body which is great for muscle development. Try to squeeze deadlifts in about once a week. Do a couple warm up sets then just two, maybe three, HEAVY sets.

Bench press

It’s the classic. “How much do you bench,” is probably the most common question slung amongst the weightlifting populous. Bench press catches a bad rap due in large part to amateur lifters’ fixation on ONLY benching, but it is a great upper body workout. It utilizes all of your arms, especially your triceps and front of your shoulders, engages your chest, and uses your core and back to keep you flat and even. Bench once or twice a week.

Bent over rows

Probably one of the most underrated exercises in your workout routine for bodybuilding due to its arduous nature. This exercise is amazing if you do it right. Feet shoulder width, slight bend in knees, back neutral, head up (about 45 degrees, not ALL the way up) grip a barbell like a bench press grip, pull to right beneath your chest, squeeze your back and pull those elbows back, reset on the floor, and repeat. The stabilization required to do this exercise while standing, instead of leaning on a flat bench, will build massive overall strength and even out the effects of your bench press on the front of your body. Try to squeeze these in once or twice a week.

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