Best Outdoor Workouts Routine Fitness Guide

Outdoor Workouts  exercise to do outsideThree best outdoors exercises workout. Being an avid gym rat is great for your health & wellbeing it i good to do some exercise outside. Also with the sun out and beautiful summer weather finally here now is the time to break out of your everyday gym routine and take your fitness outside with these fun outdoor exercise workouts.

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Mountain Biking is one of the best outdoor workouts – Hit the trails on your bike or take to the park for a fun cardio workout on your bike. If you don’t own a bike check out your local sporting goods store for rentals or outdoor sports rental shop to use for a day trip you will be surprise on some of deal out there . It will be so much fun you won’t even remember that you are getting a fitness workout in.

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Trampoline is a great outdoor workouts because it makes you feel like a kid again- Get a complete body plyometric workout via trampoline. There are classes that offer trampoline training with licensed professionals or you can do the DIY route with a small personal trampoline in your backyard. Focus on good form and have fun while getting your calorie burn on. If you have a family have them join in on the fun which will make it more enjoyable

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Paddle boarding is another outdoor workouts fun to do while soaking up some sun – One of the newest workout crazes in areas that are by a beach or any large waterways is paddle boarding. This fun and challenging outdoor workouts works your core, balance and upper body muscles. If you are a beginner try taking a few lessons before you venture out on your own. Also be sure to put on a lifejacket for safety you never know what can happen when you are out there on the water.

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