How To Perfect The military press Tips on Proper Form

man doing military press

If you are in a rush to shape your upper body, we will help you execute the perfect military press. In fact, this guide is going to transform you into a head-turner! The military press is a popular and practical choice when you want to build a muscular and robust upper-body.

This strength training staple also helps in pushing your shoulders to the limit. But, you should be careful and learn to do the exercise in its correct form. Because one wrong move can lead to serious injury and take you out of your fitness routine. So if you are heading to the gym every day, you better insist on doing your exercises correctly. Besides, if the lousy exercising habits continue, you will never be able to achieve your true fitness potential.

Find Out How to Do The Perfect Military Press

In order to do the Military Press in its perfect form follow the below instructions to the ’T.’

  1. Before you start with this lift place the barbell at chest height. It's better if you use the squat rack and place the barbell on it. So you can rest the weight between sets.
  2. Place your hands at a distance wider than shoulder-width and grab the barbells. After you grasp the barbell prepare yourself to execute the lift.
  3. Hold the barbell tight and make sure your palms face forward. Don’t hold the bars through fingers; it should rest in the middle of your hands.
  4. Be close to the bar before you pick up. Your knees should be bent in a quarter squat position. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart and your elbows close to the body.
  5. Tighten your core and glutes and push your feet to the ground to stand.
  6. With a firm torso and lower body and squeezing the glutes and core muscles press the bar towards the roof. Gradually put your hips forward to keep the weight in your center of gravity. Then, take your arms overhead but see to it that the back doesn’t arch or you don’t put stress on your spine. If that happens put the weight down immediately.
  7. Try not to make any extra movement while the torso and lower body stay rigid when performing the exercise.
  8. Hold the bar for few counts and return to the starting position similarly how you did while pressing the barbell. Slowly pull your hips back and rest the barbell on the squat rack.

Benefits you can enjoy by doing the Military Press

  • The Military Press is a must-do-exercise for every guy in their lifting routine. Has your gym trainer introduced you to the benefits? Don’t worry we will tell you.
  • Undoubtedly you are doing this to build massive bulky shoulders. But this strength lift helps enhance your total upper-body muscle strength and mass.
  • Unlike the other shoulder exercises, the military press works on all three heads of your shoulder at one time.
  • Your core is highly activated.
  • It helps you to easily balance your push muscles which are the shoulders and triceps. This a bi-lateral exercise which makes sure your push is stronger in both arms.

We advise you always start with a low weight and learn proper form before you dive into doing this exercise. It is a good idea to start with warm-up because your shoulder can get serious injuries otherwise. This workout is the quickest way and easiest way to get your shoulder and surrounding muscles injured. Follow the above guide and prepare to deal with the admiration for your firm and big shoulders.

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