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Pull Up Workout Routine For Beginners

How to Perfect Your Pull-Up RoutineMost men avoid pull up workout routine mainly for the fact that they are considered too hard. Regardless of its known difficulty the traditional pull up exercise workout routine is a perfect exercise for all fitness levels typically recruiting the largest muscle within the back known as the latissimus dorsi (lats).

Top tips on performing proper pull up workout routine

Get your technique right

However if you’re able to complete just ten consecutive reps of the exercise recognizing the correct technique you are guaranteed to benefit from one of the most rewarding muscle builds ever achieved in strength training. So check out these tips to perfect your pull up routine.

You too can benefit from growing your lats with the pull up. The secret is in the crossing of the bar. Categorized as a full bodyweight exercise, the pull up routine requires a significantly different proposal than the typical arm curl or bench press.

Unlike traditional bodyweight exercises rather than adjusting the weight you can physically lift according to the training as in the case of a free-weight exercise machine loads are varied according to your physical ability. As such the number of pull-ups you’re going to perform will be strictly in relation to your physical ability. By following this principle what you’re actually doing is ensuring you follow an adequate workout routine according to your fitness level.

Prior to beginning the exercise you going to want to decide on the number of pull-ups you’ll be able to do. You really do not want to begin your training by overtraining your muscles. When you’ve selected an suitable number then you’re ready to begin.

How to do the pull up exercise

  1. Start the exercise by hanging from the the pull-up bar using a firm overhand grip. The distance of your hands relative to each other should be no longer than slightly beyond shoulder-width apart enduring your hands are perfectly straight.
  2. Both your feet should be crossed and positioned just behind you.
  3. Try not to move your lower body as you begin pulling yourself upwards as high as you physically can until your chin raises above the bar.
  4. Hold this position for a single count then gradually lower your body until both arms are perfectly straight completing a angle rep of the exercise.
  5. Repeat the exercise for the selected number of reps you’ve decided to perform in the workout.

Should you find yourself not strong enough to physically lift your bodyweight to perform the exercise there’s an easy solution to that. The chin-up involving the precisely same movement as the traditional pull-up allows you to grip the bar with an underhand grip recruiting the biceps muscles to complete the lift.

Here the exercise is easily performed until you achieve a higher fitness level to start using the pull-up. Most fitness trainers when working with beginners have also been known to use the neutral-grip pull-up. Requiring the similar body movement as the traditional pull-up and chin-up, in the neutral-grip pull-up you grip the parallel bars of the pull-up machine.

At this point both your palms should be facing each other. This exercise is preferably recommended for individuals with a slightly increased fitness level as the exercise is somewhat more difficult than the chin-up but easier than the pull-up. It is important that when beginning to perform the pull-up you start the exercise with fewer reps to ensure the proper form is maintained.

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