Best Quad Exercises For Muscle Strength

Pumped Up Quad ExercisesIf you are reading this then you probably understand not wanting the ‘chicken legs’ look and looking for the prefect quad exercises to build up your legs. A well-built muscular upper body is impressive but if you don’t have the wheels to match, you can look rather ridiculous.

Building big quads.

Is the key to having large, muscular looking legs that not only look powerful but are very functional in all of your quad exercises training. If you wish to know some of the best quad exercises, you have come to the right place!

1. FST 7!

FST-7 is an abbreviation for Fascia Stretching Technique invented by Haney Rambod; the idea is to do this at the end of a workout when your muscles are completely fatigued.

FST-7 comprises of seven sets of an isolation exercise for 15 repetitions and only 30 seconds rest between each set. By performing this method, blood is forced into the fatigued muscle forcing the fascia to stretch, allowing more room for muscle contraction, repair and growth. This move is used by IFBB pros and is very effective when done properly!

Example- after a leg work out of lunges, leg presses and squats one could go on to do FST-7 with leg curls or leg extensions.


We all know the squat, most of us love to hate the most effective mass builder known to man. That excruciating pain that calls for a ‘go hard or go home’ approach. It is the foundation of any powerlifting or bodybuilding routine in terms of size and strength. If you do not perform this move regularly, you are seriously inhibiting your gains not just for your legs but for the rest of your body too.


To focus on the outer sweep of your quads have your feet at shoulder width level with your toes pointing slightly outwards. To focus on the tear drop and inner part of your quad bring your feet together. You could even try placing your heels on a ten pound plate to add more stress onto your quads and take it away from your glutes.

Remember hitting your quads is not the only part of your legs that need attention.

Glutes, hams and calves are just important for truly powerful legs. If your focus is pure size, I believe high reps with heavy weight are best for you and focus on pumping blood into the area. If you want to focus solely on strength and power lower your rep range to less than 6 reps per set.

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