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Weight Lifting Stretch Marks How To Get Rid

Simple and Effective Ways to Reduce Weight Lifting Stretch MarksIf you happen to be especially into your weight training and bodybuilding, then you’ll know just how much hard work and dedication this hobby, sport, pastime, and even way of life, sometimes involves. You need to train regularly, intensely, and eat the right foods at the right time to see maximum results so weight lifting stretch marks is not something you want to worry about.

What happens when your hard work turns into stretch marks?

If you train intensely and productively, combined with the fact that you follow a balanced and effective diet and nutritional plan, then you’ll soon notice pretty impressive improvements in your strength levels, your muscle tone, your definition, and indeed your muscle mass too for that matter. Unfortunately, unless you’re also very fortunate, you’ll also notice stretch marks appearing on your physique. That’s just a natural thing for some people who do weight lifting.

How to do stretch marks happen?

Stretch marks occur when we gain weight too quickly, or lose weight too quickly, as the process damages the collagen and elastin fibers in your skin, leaving you with unsightly reddish pink lines, which eventually fade into a silvery color instead. For bodybuilders, stretch marks most commonly occur on the chest, the armpit, the waist, and the biceps as well, and they can be pretty noticeable too. There are several ways to help reduce weight lifting stretch marks however, many of which happen pretty quickly, and can be pretty effective too for that matter.

Use a good quality moisturizer – weight lifting stretch marks

Moisturizers, especially good quality ones, are pretty effective when treating stretch marks and helping to prevent them from getting any worse, and the reason for this is actually quite simple. As the skin stretches, elastin and collagen fibers become damaged, resulting in stretch marks, the dryer the skin, the more prone to damage it becomes. As moisturizers add moisture, the skin is now hydrated, and less likely to become damaged as a result.

Exfoliate your skin regularly –

Whether you’re trying to treat your stretch marks, or prevent them from occurring in the future, you should try to exfoliate your skin as much as possible. exfoliating your skin removes dead skin cells, allowing new ones to generate and take the old dead cells’ place. This means that any skin cells which may have been contributing to your stretch marks, will be removed, and replaced by firm, healthy cells which aren’t damaged.

Use Aloe Vera – weight lifting stretch marks

When it comes to healthy skin, aloe Vera is the Holy Grail. It contains special ingredients and compounds which have been scientifically proven to be extremely healthy and beneficial for our skin. These compounds include a number of vitamins, which work in tandem with one another, to heal the skin, soothe it, and allow it to replenish and regenerate itself too.

Use lemon juice –

Natural lemon juice is another ingredient which is great for the skin. The strong acids contained in the lemon juice help to remove any dead, damaged, or dying skin cells, allowing new ones to be regenerating and used in place of the previous ones. It also contains moisture to help hydrate the skin too. Always make sure to use natural, fresh lemon juice rather than bottled, and make sure to leave it on for enough time to do its stuff. Simply rub half a lemon on the affected area on a regular basis, leave for 10 minutes or so, before rinsing away, and repeating the next day.

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