How to Gain Muscle Fast With These Simple Hacks

Simple Hacks to Keep Gaining MuscleIn your hustle for your muscle, it will get harder to gain muscle as time goes on. Your muscles memorize the work load and strength gains get less, size become harder to add and you may hit plateaus. All of this can be frustrating but there are ways to combat these issues plus gain muscle and we can teach them to you. Here are some simple hacks to keep gaining muscle.

Common causes of training plateaus are overtraining, not working to failure, using the same amount of weight for each set, performing the same exercises and routines, improper nutrition.

Conquer your Plateau with German Volume Training

The idea of GVT is to do 10 sets of 10 reps using the same weight each time, aiming for 90 seconds maximum rest between sets. You will need to use a weight that is about 60 percent of your 1 rep max, a weight that is hard but will not sacrifice form toward the tenth rep.

The first few sets will be quite easy but as you approach set number 8, prepare for pain. The last few sets should be challenging and you will be forcing the reps out, enduring pain and making gains. Because this is such an extreme technique, you will cause deep tears in the muscle fiber causing a huge shock to the muscle which will encourage further growth.

This one is not for wussies so approach with caution.

Superset for Super Growth

Another favorite move of ours is a superset, this is a combination of two different exercises with no rest in-between. When you do supersets, you give the muscle minimum time to rest and improve muscle pump at the same time, fully fatiguing the targeted muscle in half the time.

Use methods like these to switch up your training and DO NOT give in to plateaus. As Greg Plitt once said- the only reps we don’t grow from, are the ones we didn’t do! try these simple hacks to keep gaining muscle.

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