Ninja Workout For Skinny Fat Guys

We all know my husband isn’t the only “skinny fat” guy out there. Some of you, yourselves, may be skinny fat guys, or you know someone close to you who is. But here’s the thing you may not know – any of you currently skinny, in-shape guys out there could quickly become skinny-fat guys if you’re not careful. Yup – that’s right, that physique you’ve so carefully sculpted may very quietly and very secretly start to unravel… just like a ninja.

Skinny-Fat Guy is a Ninja, well kind of…

So how’s this devious skinny-fat agenda working its way into your life? You’re letting it! Every time you start thinking of “maintenance” workouts or “maintenance” dietary decisions, you’re giving the skinny fat a chance to attack.

Slowing metabolism

As we get older our metabolisms slow down. Fact of life. No matter what we do, our bodies’ natural reaction to getting older is to back off the pace a bit. That means we burn calories less efficiently, our sleep is less restorative, and even the littlest vices can add up when we’re not paying attention.

Getting Back in Shape

Thankfully, if you’re currently a lean, fit, guy, you can usually get things back under control with some additional effort. You’ll most likely notice your jeans not fitting as loosely as you’d like and you’ll hit the gym a little harder. But, in the meantime, you’ll feel sluggish, weak, etc. So instead, you might try setting aside one to two days a week as 110% day. Just push yourself a little further than usual on that day or two. If you don’t do anything on Fridays, maybe you walk to dinner or happy hour instead of driving. Or if you usually chow down on a steak over the weekend, maybe switch to a leaner protein like a nice fresh seared tuna steak. Show the skinny fat ninja you’ve got your guard up and he’ll find someone else to go after.

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