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Snow Workout To Stay Sane And Get Fit At Home

Staying Sane with Snow Snow workoutThere are indoor “S’s” we need to do and implement into our indoor lives when dealing with cold and nasty weather. Let’s call them the snow workout. When mother nature calls for yet another snow day and our outdoor workouts or visits to the gym are sacrificed there is no reason to allow the snow to take our sanity as well!

How to Stay Fit and Sane during the cold winter months

Yes, your physical state controls your mental state and when cabin fever is in full swing Iit’s best to release some stress with a workout…no matter how small it is. 10 minutes or 30 minutes, two sets or three, 10 reps or 20…it doesn’t matter as long as you are consistent and do it! So here it goes…the S workout!


Start with 15 squats, 10 squat jumps 2 to 3 times resting for a 1-2 minutes in between sets. Jumps are small and knees always bent. Keep abs tight and body in control. This combo is great for the butt/legs as well as cardio.


Picture yourself a football player or baseball player. An athlete doing a speed and agility training. Start with your legs together slightly bent. Keeping legs bent in a slight squat position & arms pressed against your chest, shuffle to the right and back to the left. Complete this motion 20 times for 2-3 reps. Now that’s a great snow workout


However you prefer, just make sure you get them in there as many as you can. If you have weights pick them up and add to the resistance, or improvise with a gallon of milk/water or a heavy book. Hold your weighted object tight against your chest and allow your abs to do the work while you lift forward.


If you have them use them! Run up and down the stairs, go up two steps at a time, piggy pack a small child…whatever makes it tough do it. Take a break and do it again.


I love planks and rarely let a day go without doing them with my push-ups. So even though they don’t start with S they have the letter in their spelling, so get to it and do them! Hold the plank position for as long as you can followed by at least 10 push-ups. This snow workout operative word here is “PUSH”! Push yourselves friends! No pain, no gain!

Of course with indoor days comes indoor dangers in food temptations! Stay away from salt, sweets, & snacks! Even over indulging in the healthiest of snacks will lead to weight gain, so stay clear. Find something else to do that does not involve food.

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