Pyramid Sets Workout Program Effective for Building

Strength Training with Pyramid SetsSo let’s say you've been consistently training for a number of months but still have not been able to see the desired results in your muscle gains. Well guess what! You probably need to mix things up by introducing a few pyramid sets training workout to shock those muscles and stimulate their growth.

How Pyramid Sets can Enhance Your Workout

Many bodybuilders who have customarily been doing the same old training program month after month using the same weights have often found it necessary to change their workout structure to push their bodies to the limit typically recognized as "keeping the muscles guessing" to achieve faster results in muscle build and strength. Hence the effectiveness of the Pyramid sets.

How to perform pyramid sets

If you're new to the term pyramid set well let us give you a basic explanation.

  1. A pyramid set is simply beginning the exercise utilizing a lighter load or weight to complete as many reps as you possibly can.
  2. One example would be doing a set of dumbbell curls for twelve reps using fifteen pound dumbbells.
  3. After completing your twelve reps you'll then begin the next set by now increasing the number of reps of the exercise but this time you would be increasing the weight of the dumbbells to about twenty-five pounds and so on.
  4. So if you look at the trend objectively what you will begin to notice is that you're fundamentally building a pyramid according to the number of reps you're performing.

So with regards to strength training as you progress towards the peak of the pyramid you'll continue to use much heavier weights but you'll be lifting them for shorter periods.

Bodybuilders over the years have found pyramid sets as an effective means of training their bodies due to the advantage gained by allowing the body to adapt to a variety of weights. Most training methods which tend to focus on heavy weights and fewer reps are often proven somewhat ineffective as the body naturally adapts to the known stress loads, and soon enough the athletes often find themselves physically unable to per from activities which require muscular endurance.

Benefits of Pyramid Training

So in addition to enhancing muscular build, strength training with pyramid sets will also allow you the benefit to develop a greater endurance which we have found is ideal for individuals new to strength training who are looking to gradually monitor their progress.

If you consider yourself a novice to strength training, it is best suggested that you perform three sets of one weight lifting exercise such as the dumbbell curl using three to your different levels of weights, gradually increasing the loads by increments of three to five pounds. Exercises which often require a more complex form of lifting such as the squat require larger increases to effect more noticeable results.

Increase the reps as you improve

However if you're at a more advanced fitness level then you'll definitely want to begin your pyramid strength training with four to five exercise sets utilizing the first set as a form of warm-up and continue the exercise in 14, 12, 10, 8 and possibly 6 reps.

Known as a high impact form of training, pyramid sets are traditionally more difficult in performing as not only does your body have to cope with the impacted loads during the strength training but you're additionally saddled with the rigors of the varying reps and weights used during the workout which often translates into more work requiring greater recovery times.

If after reading this article you feel that the pyramid set if the right method to include in your strength training then we strongly advise you take a two day rest period from your current training schedule to allow your body adequate time to recover and rebuild your muscles and get ready for one of the best training experiences ever.

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