The Texas Method Weight Training Program

The Texas Method

The Texas Method weight training program moves away from a mundane, boring routine. Routines which your body soon gets used to and after early progress you then stop seeing any significant improvement. This type of variation of the lifting program is often referred to as “cycling” and is often employed as a “follow up“ method to complement and continue progressing with strength gains.

What is the Weight Training Texas Method?

The philosophy behind the Texas Method is based upon a glaring difference between the type of lifting done at the beginning of the week and that done at the end of the week. For starters we are talking about a five day week here, but you will only be in the gym for three days. Day one can be any day which fits into your schedule.

How it works?

For the sake of illustration let’s think of the five days being Monday to Friday. In the Texas Method training program Monday is the real workhorse day featuring high volume training at moderate intensity. It is the precursor for the remainder of the week which will feature Wednesday being a lighter workout or recovery day, to be followed by Friday being a high intensity, low volume day. Note that the Texas Method involves a full body workout each day. The example below shows you how you would set up all of your sets and reps using the squat exercise to demonstrate:

Squats Texas Method

• Monday -  high volume day for “stress” workout. For example 5 sets of squats, 5 reps
• Wednesday- low volume, low intensity. For example 2 sets of squats, 5 reps
• Friday - one heavy set of squats, 5 reps. A personal record may be attempted here.

If a lifter is not able to gain a personal record on Friday, then he should reduce Monday’s volume. This leads to a very important point. In the Texas Method, day one is considered the high volume day. However if instead of progression, regression is experienced on day five, then lifters need to be aware of the workload on day one being too great, and seek to reduce the number of sets, the weight, or the number of reps for day one.

The Texas Method is recommended for lifters at the intermediate level and a full body workout is done. This includes squats, bench press and so forth. The Texas Method aims at long term compounded progress and strives for incremental weight improvement of at least five pounds weekly for intermediate level weight lifters.

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