Crossfit Controversy: Does Crossfit Damage Your Body

The Controversy Behind CrossFitCrossfit combines cardio exercises and weight lifting to improve endurance, strength, stamina, agility, speed, power, and all of those other physical qualities you've been looking for. It also seems to be pretty addictive for those who have gotten into it.

Does crossfit work or damage your body?

Shaping muscle and burning fat at the same seems to also make great time saving sense. Who has time to go for a run and then hit the gym? But is there a downside to cross fit? Concerns over whether the practice is dangerous for the average person have arisen. Let's see if there is any credence to these claims.

Let's start with the risk to beginners.

Crossfit is diverse. It's one of the draws. It's exercise that isn't boring. The downside is that a beginner is activating way to many muscle groups they may not have been using. This can easily lead to sprains, strains, pulls, or worse injuries. Your workout doesn't do you much good if it forces you to take days or even weeks off to recover from an injury. Crossfit definitely lends itself to those who are already in pretty great shape.

Next, let's talk gender.

Crossfit gets you into great shape, but it may not be conducive to working out with your significant other. You may want to broaden your shoulders, thicken your thighs, and expand your lats, but is that really what you want your girlfriend or wife looking like?

Now we get to the frightening side of cross fit: rhabdomyolysis.

It's a kidney problem that results when we take exercise too far, and it's too easy to get to that point with a crossfit routine. Extreme exercise can leave you dehydrated, even if you are drinking a lot of water. That puts extra pressure on your kidneys since it's impossible to cleanse the body of toxins without enough water flow. The ultimate results? First your kidneys start to fail. Then it goes after your heart. Exercise is great for your body... until it starts to kill you.

There has to be an off switch somewhere.

It isn't the idea of crossfit itself that is wrong. It's how intensely people push themselves without listening to their body. That pain isn't “weakness leaving the body”. It's just pain. It's how your body let's you know when you need to do some stretching, drink some water, or maybe even take a few days off.

We're under a lot of pressure to look our best.

Just remember, your goal in exercise should be to feel your best. The looks will come along naturally as you stick with your routine and take care of your nutrition, but no one looks good in a hospital gown with an iv pushing fluids into them.

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